Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainbow Salad

Earlier this week, I packed hubby and I some delicious lunches that I dubbed "Rainbow Lunches" for all the bright colors.  I might not have covered every color in the rainbow, but I got pretty close!

Red: grape tomatoes and radishes
Orange: carrots
Yellow: sweet yellow bell pepper
Green: romaine hearts and baby spinach and cucumbers
Blue: :( okay, no blue
Violet: radishes (I know these are more reddish-purple but just give me this one, okay? LOL)

and some bonus white!

And as an update on my health, I had to get more blood work done on Friday and I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to hopefully get some answers about what exactly happened and to see the results of the blood work.


  1. Salad looks great. For blue what about blueberries? They are pretty mild in flavor for the most part and vitamin enriched. Praying that all goes well with your doctor's appointment.

    1. Blueberries sound like a fun option! Thanks for the prayers. Doctor said everything looks good. I had a stomach virus and got too dehydrated. We talked about what I should do next time (if that ever happens again) and all my blood work is back to normal. :)