Saturday, January 11, 2014

Favorite Outfits of 2013

I spent 2013 working on purging and improving my wardrobe and while there are still some things I want to replace in my wardrobe, I'm pretty happy with the evolution of my closet over the last year.  That said, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite (work) outfits of 2013.  I couldn't pick just one so I picked two outfits with skirts and two with pants.

First up we have this orange skirt outfit [original post here].  I really love pencil skirts and this orange one is bright and fun.  I also love how this plaid shirt coordinates perfectly with the skirt.  I've worn this exact outfit several times.

Second up is this amazing olive pencil skirt [original post here].  This olive skirt was bought on a whim when I wasn't sure about olive and I ended up loving this skirt.  I swear it looks amazing no matter what color top I pair it with.  However, this floral chiffon blouse was one of my absolute favorite pairings.  The skirt and shirt just seemed meant for each other.  I can't wait for the weather here to warm up some so I can wear skirts again!

For my third outfit, I selected this chambray top and my straight leg black chinos [original post here].  Oh how glad I am I bought these chinos in so many colors!  I really love them.  They're professional but the slimmer legs don't overwhelm my petite frame.  I love this outfit with the simple basics of the chambray and chinos with the fun pops in the scarf and flats.  I've worn the base of this outfit with different shoes, scarves, and necklaces several times.  It's become a "no brainer" outfit base for those days when I want to look cute without having to think.

The last outfit is another easy basics outfit that's become a "no brainer" as well [original post here].  This striped shirt fits quite nicely and I love it paired with this camel cardigan.  I've worn this shirt and cardigan combo at least three or four times with different bottoms and different necklaces.  I actually wore that combo yesterday to work with jeans and a red and silver necklace!

The great thing about having clothes you love and that fit you well is that it makes getting dressed so much easier.  No longer do I stare into my bursting full closet and think, I have nothing to wear.  Now getting dressed is fun instead of a chore!

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