Saturday, November 30, 2013


I just wanted to take a minute to update anyone who was wondering where I've been.  The week before Thanksgiving, I was at technology training three days out of five for work that week and then we finally got our iPads on Thursday!  It made for a busy but exciting week.  We're hoping the students in our classes will be able to get their iPads before Christmas but we're waiting for the drop-proof cases to come in before the kiddos get their hands on them.

Then Monday the 25th was my oral surgery that I talked about here.  It went fine but I was pretty tired and hocked up on pain pills.  Tuesday I was sick as a dog from not eating and taking all sorts of medication so I finally had to force some food down my throat so I would stop getting sick.  Basically, I spent Monday through Thursday snuggled up in a ball on my couch sleeping with my cats.  By Thursday, I was starting to feel okay and actually ate a (soft) Thanksgiving meal with some friends of ours.  Yesterday I was feeling pretty much back to normal so hubby and I went out and did some Christmas shopping and started decorating for the holidays!  I'm feeling fine now but just busy.  Thanks to the people who were concerned!  I should have some fun posts for you in the next few days.

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