Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Outfits

Last week was really busy so I'm thrilled to say I was off today and spent the whole lay lounging around the house being lazy.  It feels so good to relax!  It was such a busy week that I only had the foresight to snap pictures two days.  I don't even remember what two days it was, LOL!

Outfit 1:
- gray cardigan from Target
- pink patterned infinity scarf from Bealls Outlet
- black straight leg chinos from Walmart
- pink faux suede flats from Body Central

Outfit 2:
- white scoop neck tee from Target
- cadet blue sequin cardigan from Target
- white scarf, gift from a student
- camel straight leg chino pants from Walmart
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

On Thursday of last week, I got to go to one of our first of several iPad trainings.  The teachers on my team are all going to become 1:1 iPad classrooms before Christmas of this year.  That means all of the teachers and their students will have an iPad!  I love technology and having the chance to do something new with the kids is really exciting.  It's been a little extra work for me trying to get the website up and running where everything will be pushed out to the kids but I've had a blast doing it!  We're just about ready to go so now all we need is for the iPads to come!  It will be a lot of fun and in the long run it should end up being less work for us teachers.  No more spending hours every week waiting in line to make copies!

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