Sunday, November 3, 2013


I am so happy it's November!  Bring on the turkey, Thanksgiving, and then the holiday season.  Also, I'm looking forward to some days off in November since my last day off was Labor Day.

- white 3/4 dress shirt from Kohl's
- leopard scarf from Walmart
- burnt olive straight leg chinos from Walmart
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

Yup, this is another pair of these straight leg chinos!  So comfortable and go with everything!

- fuchsia ribbed sweater from Target
- blue patterned scarf from Bealls Outlet
- black straight leg chinos from Walmart
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

No, it was not cold this day here in Florida.  I actually was at a training all day Tuesday and every time I have a training at this location, I know to bundle up because the air conditioning is freezing.  It was over 80 degrees this day but I ended up wearing this the whole time, with my jacket and a blanket.  Yea, it's that bad.  Also, these pants are actually black but blogger has an issue where it changes the color of some photos.  I'm just too lazy to fix it.

- mint plaid camp shirt from Kohl's
- cobalt teardrop necklace from Bealls Outlet
- navy straight leg chinos from Walmart
- mint flats from Vanity Fair Outlet

I had originally planned on wearing a skirt this day but I was so not feeling it when I got dressed.  I was too lazy to shave my legs or wiggle into nylons at five AM so I threw this outfit together at the last minute and I like the way it turned out.

- green plaid shirt, American Eagle brand thrifted from Goodwill
- black straight leg chinos from Walmart
- black bow flats
(In 2nd Photo)
- lab coat from Uniform Outlet
- stethoscope from Walgreens

This day was Halloween and my team all decided to dress like doctors.  I bought a stethoscope and wore the labcoat I already own for some of our more messy science labs.  I had a few other fun accessories that I taped and stapled to my lab coat later (a fake bloody eye and bloody ear, a fake syringe, name tag and doctor symbol) but I didn't have time to take another picture.  Yes, these are the same pants I wore Tuesday.  I didn't get a chance to hem the ones I planned to wear this day.  Oh well.

On Friday, I just wore jeans and my school polo shirt.  Not really worth sharing.

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