Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Haircut & Avatar

A couple of weeks ago I got my haircut and never got around to posting pictures of my new do.  But I only have one decent picture to share so I figured I'd make it a dual post and also share some other fun.  For the website I set up for my class, it was recommended that we make an avatar as our photo so whenever the students see that photo, they know it was something posted by the teacher.  So I used this website to make a fun cartoon avatar and I used my haircut photo as the inspiration.  It's like a little cartoon Barbie of me!  :D

This is actually not what I intended for my hair to look like when I went in for a trim, but I ended up liking it.  The layers are much shorter than what I wanted, but I think it makes my hair more interesting that way.  I'll probably start letting them grow out when I get my hair cut next time, but for now it's fun and different.  The bad part is the way they fall right now makes me fight my hair to lay nicely.  Too much work for this lazy girl!

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