Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thrifty Clothing Haul

Holy cow, friends.  Life is busy for this blogger.  I've been working so many hours lately, I don't even want to add them up any more.  It's just too depressing.  The biggest reason is that my entire grade level at the school I teach at are on our way to becoming 1:1 iPad classrooms.  That means every student (and the teachers) will have their own iPad.  This is a huge but exciting transition!  I've been scouring the Internet looking for cool activities to do with my kids, along with starting tutoring, which is twice a week for an extra hour and a half, plus waiting for the kids to get picked up afterward.  Busy, but I love my job and it makes me happy to see the kids so excited about the activities we do in class.

I never got around posting my thrift haul but I figured better late than never!  Let's start with the stuff I scored at Goodwill.  It was my lucky day!  I went in looking for a plaid shirt for fall.  I wanted something that ran a little longer than petite sizes and would look good with my boots and jeans.

I found this great plaid shirt from American Eagle Outfitters for $4.  It's exactly what I was looking for!  This will go great by itself or under a sweater this winter.

While I was looking for the plaid shirt, I found several other great button downs too!  For $4 a piece, I didn't feel like I had to choose just my favorite so I got all the ones I liked.  The one above is a pink and white striped shirt from NY&Co.

This maroon button down is also from NY&Co and was also $4.  It's got French cuffs, which I'm not crazy about but the color and fit was great.  I could always add another cuff button if I wanted but for now, I'm fine just wearing it with the sleeves rolled up since it's still hot here in Florida.

Finally, I found this green and white plaid button down.  It's Aeropostale brand.  It needed a deep cleaning with some hydrogen peroxide to remove some spots but since I know the tricks of the laundry trade, it's now like brand new.

I was in need of a black belt to wear with my pants so we went over to Bealls Outlet next.  I found a two for one deal on a brown and black belt.  The pair was only $5.99.

I also spotted these great necklaces, both for $5.99 each.  I've been wanting an orange one for awhile now and the green just caught my eye.

And because I know how to score a deal, I paid around $10 for everything I bought at Bealls.  Friday is 15% off for customers with a Bealls discount card and I also had a $5 off your purchase coupon.  Score!

My last purchase is not really all that thrifty.  I have to buy my sweaters in petite size or otherwise they are way too long in the sleeves and the length of the torse so I picked this guy up at Kohl's.  It was on sale from $30 down to $21 plus 20% off coupon.  Total cost = $16.80.  Still more than I would have liked to pay, but the selection of petite size sweaters at Goodwill was... nonexistent.  Maybe I should have tried the little girl's section?

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