Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Jacket Hunt + Saturday Outfit

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my husband has been asking what I want.  I really had no idea until last week.  Last week there were several days that were chilly, wet, and rainy.  The only coat I have with a hood is my winter peacoat, which it's still way too hot for here in Florida.  As a matter of fact, most of the year it's too hot for an actual coat here.  Last year, I had decided that I wanted a hooded jacket that was light enough to wear in the spring and fall but was something I would still want to wear.  By the time I had figured this out, it was past season and all the bathing suits were out instead.  In Florida, this happens around January or February, just as things are really getting cold and everyone is beginning to think of Spring Break plans.  So I decided this year I would make a hooded jacket my birthday wish present.

After falling in love with my utility vests, I knew I would love a cargo/military style jacket.  My requirements were very specific:
- had to have a hood (because if it's cold enough to need a jacket or coat here, it's probably raining)
- had to have some sort of waist definition, either a belt, drawstring, elastic, or something similar to keep my feminine shape
- I wanted army green, but was willing to go for another neutral tone if the fit was good
- had to fit well in the length of the torso
- had to fit well in the width of the torso

Remember that I'm only four feet eleven inches tall, I really thought it would take me weeks and tons of stores to find exactly what I wanted.  So this weekend hubby and I set off to shop.

First, I looked online and found several options at Papaya so I checked there first.  I tried on this one.

I tried it on in a small and it was still way too long, wide, and generally big.  It looked like I was playing dress up in mommy's coat.  Not a good look for a super petite woman.

I tried on another one at Papaya (not shown online) and the top fit okay but the bottom was way too big and the extra volume was doing a weird over exaggerated A-line thing.  I asked hubby his opinion and he agreed that the fit wasn't good and encouraged me to keep shopping until I found exactly what I wanted.  What a good hubby, considering he drove me to all these stores!  Next, we headed off to Kohl's.

I saw the two coats below but neither one had a hood so I didn't even bother to try them on.
Finally, I asked hubby to take me to the mall.  It's far away from our house but we were already more than halfway there.  He obliged and at the first store I went in at the mall, I hit the jackpot!  This jacket isn't available on their website, so I included my own picture.

This jacket was exactly what I wanted and it was calling my name!  I actually found it when looking in the petites section.  It was just eyeing me across the aisle in the junior's department.  I went running over and saw that they still had my size.  It was hooded, had a drawstring waist, cargo pockets, and fit perfectly with the exception of the too long sleeves, which was an easy fix by just rolling them up.  It was originally $46 and I didn't even care about the price because it was so perfect.  But when I got it up to the register, it was on sale.  Then the cashier gave me an extra 15% off coupon so the total ended up being $21.24!  I am thrilled and in my opinion, hubby did a great job of "buying" me a present.  After all, he probably drove me 100 miles that day and spent over three hours patiently waiting as I shopped.  He's a keeper!

And just because I wanted to show you how great this jacket looks, here's what I wore to a friend's house on Saturday.  Even though it was a warm day, her house is always cold to me so I bundled up in my plaid shirt, jeans, and new jacket!

And I'm totally happy that I found what I wanted because today was cool and rainy all day but I was warm and dry in my awesome new coat!

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