Sunday, October 20, 2013

May I Have A Break?

May I have a break from life?  I feel like I need one right now.  Being an adult is seriously exhausting.  I don't even really want to recount everything I did this week because it's too tiring to even think about so here's the quick summary: work, tutoring after work, parent conferences, meetings, trainings, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, washing dishes, washing clothes, making lunches, grocery shopping...  It never ends, does it?  Anyone else feel like they need a break from being a responsible adult?

This week at work, we could wear jeans every day if we donated a certain amount to the American Cancer Association in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  Done!  One less thing to think about.  And because I'm still not at all rested even though it's the end of the weekend, I'm simply too lazy today to write about every outfit.  Let's be honest... people come for the pictures more than the writing.  ;)

And I was too lazy and too busy on Friday to take pictures but I basically wore the exact same outfit as this but with different shoes.  Use your imagination, okay?  Thanks.  :)


  1. I second taking a break from being an adult. It's a vicious cycle. Can't even really look forward to the weekend anymore because there is still stuff "to do".

    1. I agree! Weekends for me just end up being time to catch up on all the home stuff I don't have time for on weekdays. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning. Being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be!

  2. I like how you make an effort every single day no matter how tired you are!

    1. Thank you! A little concealer helps hide how tired I am too! :)