Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Haul

Since August, I have been desperately looking for some chino pants.  I like the texture of chinos much better than trousers.  They're thicker and therefore more flattering on my tush and thighs.  Also, in my opinion, they are more versatile because they are dressy enough for work but still casual enough to wear on the weekends too.  I was super excited when I found petite size straight leg chinos at Walmart for under $15 in a variety of colors.  I'm sure they won't last me for years and years but I'm thrilled.  I first bought the black and navy and went back the next week for olive and camel.

And after stocking up on pants, I decided I should stock up on accessories.  Several weeks ago, I ordered a leopard print scarf on Amazon for $2.99.  I should have known that was a bad idea.  When I got it in the mail, it didn't even look like the picture and it had holes in it like runs in nylons.  See below.  Also, it was way too big and bulky on my small frame.

Ever since then, I've known I wanted to replace this scarf.  I finally found a great replacement for a great price.  Once again, Walmart had this scarf at my local store for less than $4.  And it's thin and small enough for me to wear in Florida.
And once I got on a roll with scarves, I couldn't stop!  I found this great pink patterned infinity scarf at Bealls Outlet.  I love that it incorporates so many colors.  It makes it easy to pair with other pieces.

And the last scarf I picked up was this great blue patterned one, again from Bealls Outlet and again incorporating lots of colors.  I used to love scarves when I lived in Pennsylvania but had difficulty wearing them in the warmer climate of Florida, until I discovered thin, chiffon like scarves.  Now I'm totally hooked again!

And last, but not least, I found this great cobalt necklace at Bealls Outlet as well.

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