Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Haul

Since August, I have been desperately looking for some chino pants.  I like the texture of chinos much better than trousers.  They're thicker and therefore more flattering on my tush and thighs.  Also, in my opinion, they are more versatile because they are dressy enough for work but still casual enough to wear on the weekends too.  I was super excited when I found petite size straight leg chinos at Walmart for under $15 in a variety of colors.  I'm sure they won't last me for years and years but I'm thrilled.  I first bought the black and navy and went back the next week for olive and camel.

And after stocking up on pants, I decided I should stock up on accessories.  Several weeks ago, I ordered a leopard print scarf on Amazon for $2.99.  I should have known that was a bad idea.  When I got it in the mail, it didn't even look like the picture and it had holes in it like runs in nylons.  See below.  Also, it was way too big and bulky on my small frame.

Ever since then, I've known I wanted to replace this scarf.  I finally found a great replacement for a great price.  Once again, Walmart had this scarf at my local store for less than $4.  And it's thin and small enough for me to wear in Florida.
And once I got on a roll with scarves, I couldn't stop!  I found this great pink patterned infinity scarf at Bealls Outlet.  I love that it incorporates so many colors.  It makes it easy to pair with other pieces.

And the last scarf I picked up was this great blue patterned one, again from Bealls Outlet and again incorporating lots of colors.  I used to love scarves when I lived in Pennsylvania but had difficulty wearing them in the warmer climate of Florida, until I discovered thin, chiffon like scarves.  Now I'm totally hooked again!

And last, but not least, I found this great cobalt necklace at Bealls Outlet as well.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


This post is coming a little late but Friday was my 30th birthday and I've been busy celebrating.  :)  It was another busy week but I had a great birthday Friday and lots of fun Saturday, checking out the local flea market with hubby.  It was nice to get out and enjoy some cooler weather here in Florida!

- white button down camp shirt from Walmart
- cadet blue sequin cardigan from Target
- moss pencil skirt from Kohl's
- brown belt from Bealls Outlet
- L'eggs sheer nylons from Walgreens
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

Every color I wear with my olive colored skirt or pants just looks great and this blue is no different!  Olive is becoming my favorite pseudo neutral.

- pink patterned infinity scarf from Bealls Outlet
- chambray shirt from Kohl's
- black straight leg chinos from Walmart
- sky blue flats from Rue21

These straight leg chinos are my new favorite work pants.  Over the last few weeks, I've bought several pairs of these pants from Walmart in different colors.  I love them!  The are really comfortable and I love that the straight leg is flattering on me without overwhelming my petite frame like wide leg trousers sometimes can.  I seriously want them in every color and for under $15, I might just buy all of them!

- maroon button down shirt from Goodwill (NY&Co brand)
- black pencil skirt from Target
- faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
- leopard stretch belt from
- black opaque tights
- black bow belts from Bass Outlet

This was one of my tutoring days after work.  By the time I get home from work these days, there isn't enough light to take decent photos.  That's why most of my pictures this week are from in my classroom closet.  Plus that whole being busy thing.

- white and navy striped shirt from Banana Republic Outlet
- camel cardigan from Target
- faux pearl and chain necklace from Body Central Outlet
- navy straight leg chinos from Walmart
- red bow flats from Bass Outlet

Another pair of those straight leg chinos from Walmart.  I just have to go on about these again.  I love that they are dressy enough for work but still casual enough for weekends.  I wore my black pair on Saturday with a sweater, scarf, and flats to go to the flea market.  I also bought them in camel and olive.  Next time I'm at Walmart, I plan on rounding out my collection with the grey color and khaki.
- Bazinga T-shirt from
- white longsleeve tee from Loft Outlet
- dark wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

Friday was wear red to support drug free kids at my school so my team and I decided to sport our Bazinga shirts.  Although I had to work on my birthday, afterwards hubby and I went to Red Lobster for dinner and did a little shopping.  In addition to more pairs of straight leg chinos, I picked up a few other items.  I'll post a birthday haul later this week with all the stuff I declared as birthday presents to myself.  ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty Shoes

A few weeks ago, some girlfriends and I did a bit of window shopping.  I always love looking at the pretty shoes but I really just don't need any more shoes right now.  At least not until I find the perfect pair of cognac boots I've been looking for.  But I found some pretty shoes that I was drooling over and thought were worth sharing.  All of these beauties are from Rack Room Shoes.

When I tried these pink peep toe wedges on, they were actually way more comfortable than I thought they would be!  If I had any need for a pair of Barbie shoes in my life, I would totally buy these girls.  But alas, I don't.

These cognac boots are super cute but it's just still too hot for boots here in Florida.  I might have to check back in November and see if they are on clearance or sale by then, since I need a replacement for my favorite cognac boots that I wore out last year.

I absolutely love these faux suede taupe flats.  I seriously wanted these babies for work, but again, I just don't need them.  But if they happen to still be there when I buy those boots, maybe they could be my BOGO pair.

And if you aren't a fan of flats, these are really similar in a wedge heel.  These pretties would go with everything!  So cute.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

May I Have A Break?

May I have a break from life?  I feel like I need one right now.  Being an adult is seriously exhausting.  I don't even really want to recount everything I did this week because it's too tiring to even think about so here's the quick summary: work, tutoring after work, parent conferences, meetings, trainings, doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, washing dishes, washing clothes, making lunches, grocery shopping...  It never ends, does it?  Anyone else feel like they need a break from being a responsible adult?

This week at work, we could wear jeans every day if we donated a certain amount to the American Cancer Association in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  Done!  One less thing to think about.  And because I'm still not at all rested even though it's the end of the weekend, I'm simply too lazy today to write about every outfit.  Let's be honest... people come for the pictures more than the writing.  ;)

And I was too lazy and too busy on Friday to take pictures but I basically wore the exact same outfit as this but with different shoes.  Use your imagination, okay?  Thanks.  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Jacket Hunt + Saturday Outfit

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my husband has been asking what I want.  I really had no idea until last week.  Last week there were several days that were chilly, wet, and rainy.  The only coat I have with a hood is my winter peacoat, which it's still way too hot for here in Florida.  As a matter of fact, most of the year it's too hot for an actual coat here.  Last year, I had decided that I wanted a hooded jacket that was light enough to wear in the spring and fall but was something I would still want to wear.  By the time I had figured this out, it was past season and all the bathing suits were out instead.  In Florida, this happens around January or February, just as things are really getting cold and everyone is beginning to think of Spring Break plans.  So I decided this year I would make a hooded jacket my birthday wish present.

After falling in love with my utility vests, I knew I would love a cargo/military style jacket.  My requirements were very specific:
- had to have a hood (because if it's cold enough to need a jacket or coat here, it's probably raining)
- had to have some sort of waist definition, either a belt, drawstring, elastic, or something similar to keep my feminine shape
- I wanted army green, but was willing to go for another neutral tone if the fit was good
- had to fit well in the length of the torso
- had to fit well in the width of the torso

Remember that I'm only four feet eleven inches tall, I really thought it would take me weeks and tons of stores to find exactly what I wanted.  So this weekend hubby and I set off to shop.

First, I looked online and found several options at Papaya so I checked there first.  I tried on this one.

I tried it on in a small and it was still way too long, wide, and generally big.  It looked like I was playing dress up in mommy's coat.  Not a good look for a super petite woman.

I tried on another one at Papaya (not shown online) and the top fit okay but the bottom was way too big and the extra volume was doing a weird over exaggerated A-line thing.  I asked hubby his opinion and he agreed that the fit wasn't good and encouraged me to keep shopping until I found exactly what I wanted.  What a good hubby, considering he drove me to all these stores!  Next, we headed off to Kohl's.

I saw the two coats below but neither one had a hood so I didn't even bother to try them on.
Finally, I asked hubby to take me to the mall.  It's far away from our house but we were already more than halfway there.  He obliged and at the first store I went in at the mall, I hit the jackpot!  This jacket isn't available on their website, so I included my own picture.

This jacket was exactly what I wanted and it was calling my name!  I actually found it when looking in the petites section.  It was just eyeing me across the aisle in the junior's department.  I went running over and saw that they still had my size.  It was hooded, had a drawstring waist, cargo pockets, and fit perfectly with the exception of the too long sleeves, which was an easy fix by just rolling them up.  It was originally $46 and I didn't even care about the price because it was so perfect.  But when I got it up to the register, it was on sale.  Then the cashier gave me an extra 15% off coupon so the total ended up being $21.24!  I am thrilled and in my opinion, hubby did a great job of "buying" me a present.  After all, he probably drove me 100 miles that day and spent over three hours patiently waiting as I shopped.  He's a keeper!

And just because I wanted to show you how great this jacket looks, here's what I wore to a friend's house on Saturday.  Even though it was a warm day, her house is always cold to me so I bundled up in my plaid shirt, jeans, and new jacket!

And I'm totally happy that I found what I wanted because today was cool and rainy all day but I was warm and dry in my awesome new coat!

Monday, October 14, 2013


I feel like I keep saying this over and over but last week was another super busy week!  I feel like I just went and went like the Energizer bunny this past week and didn't slow down until Sunday.  And sadly, I know this week coming will be more of the same.

This day I had to go get bloodwork done before work.  I still got there on time, but that's an hour later than I would normally arrive.  It threw me off for the entire rest of the day.  I'm a creature of habit and I hate it when my schedule is disrupted.

- pink plaid button down from Kohl's
- olive cropped pants from J.C. Penney
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

This day was the only day out of the week that I didn't have a conference or meeting scheduled so I decided to use one of my jeans coupons.  (At my school, if you do extra things for the school without getting paid for it, you can earn a jeans coupon.  I have tons!)  Since I have so many (probably at least a dozen) and I never use them, I decided it was time to start cashing in now that the weather is cooling down slightly.  I was glad I did because this day turned out to be chilly and rainy.

- green plaid button down thrifted from Goodwill, Aeropostale brand
- dark wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
- honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

It was still rainy on Wednesday morning so I threw  on this cardigan at the last minute, since I don't have a fall/spring weight jacket.  I was glad I did because I ended up wearing it all day.  This was the coolest day since winter.  I don't think it even got into the eighties this day.  Total fall weather for Florida.

- white 3/4 length dress shirt from Kohl's
- gray cardigan from Target
- black trousers from Bealls Outlet
- red necklace from Bealls Outlet
- red bow flats from Bass Outlet

This outfit looked so much better in my head than it did in reality but by the time I was dressed, it was too late to change.  This scarf was just too big and fluffy to wear with a collared blazer.  Noted for next time.  At least it was finally cool enough for tights.

- scarf from
- little black dress from Banana Republic Outlet
- khaki blazer thrifted from Goodwill, Talbot's brand
- black tights
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

Today the high school that my students will attend had their annual homecoming parade.  The parade passes by our school so we all go outside and watch the parade.  It's a fun day.  So all of the teachers and kids were asked to wear royal blue and white, the high school's colors.  I had actually put both this cardigan and this button down shirt into the Goodwill bag but I hadn't made the trip to drop if off yet.  I don't have anything else royal blue so I popped them both in the dryer to remove the wrinkles and they got to make one last appearance.  I might actually keep the cardigan, at least until I find something else in royal blue to replace it but the white shirt has already been washed and placed back in the Goodwill bag.  It just does not fit me right at all and is extremely uncomfortable because of it.  It's too long, too wide, and even the armpits don't fit right.  I bought it at Walmart for just a few bucks and it's not petite size so on my short little four foot eleven frame, it's just all sorts of wrong.  I actually like the cardigan a lot but it has this lace detailing along the edge and there's a little hole in the lace.  My hair covered it in these pictures but I'm on the lookout for a replacement now.

- white button down shirt from Walmart
- royal blue cardigan from Target
- brown bead necklace from Walmart
- medium wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
- brown belt from Bealls Outlet
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thrifty Clothing Haul

Holy cow, friends.  Life is busy for this blogger.  I've been working so many hours lately, I don't even want to add them up any more.  It's just too depressing.  The biggest reason is that my entire grade level at the school I teach at are on our way to becoming 1:1 iPad classrooms.  That means every student (and the teachers) will have their own iPad.  This is a huge but exciting transition!  I've been scouring the Internet looking for cool activities to do with my kids, along with starting tutoring, which is twice a week for an extra hour and a half, plus waiting for the kids to get picked up afterward.  Busy, but I love my job and it makes me happy to see the kids so excited about the activities we do in class.

I never got around posting my thrift haul but I figured better late than never!  Let's start with the stuff I scored at Goodwill.  It was my lucky day!  I went in looking for a plaid shirt for fall.  I wanted something that ran a little longer than petite sizes and would look good with my boots and jeans.

I found this great plaid shirt from American Eagle Outfitters for $4.  It's exactly what I was looking for!  This will go great by itself or under a sweater this winter.

While I was looking for the plaid shirt, I found several other great button downs too!  For $4 a piece, I didn't feel like I had to choose just my favorite so I got all the ones I liked.  The one above is a pink and white striped shirt from NY&Co.

This maroon button down is also from NY&Co and was also $4.  It's got French cuffs, which I'm not crazy about but the color and fit was great.  I could always add another cuff button if I wanted but for now, I'm fine just wearing it with the sleeves rolled up since it's still hot here in Florida.

Finally, I found this green and white plaid button down.  It's Aeropostale brand.  It needed a deep cleaning with some hydrogen peroxide to remove some spots but since I know the tricks of the laundry trade, it's now like brand new.

I was in need of a black belt to wear with my pants so we went over to Bealls Outlet next.  I found a two for one deal on a brown and black belt.  The pair was only $5.99.

I also spotted these great necklaces, both for $5.99 each.  I've been wanting an orange one for awhile now and the green just caught my eye.

And because I know how to score a deal, I paid around $10 for everything I bought at Bealls.  Friday is 15% off for customers with a Bealls discount card and I also had a $5 off your purchase coupon.  Score!

My last purchase is not really all that thrifty.  I have to buy my sweaters in petite size or otherwise they are way too long in the sleeves and the length of the torse so I picked this guy up at Kohl's.  It was on sale from $30 down to $21 plus 20% off coupon.  Total cost = $16.80.  Still more than I would have liked to pay, but the selection of petite size sweaters at Goodwill was... nonexistent.  Maybe I should have tried the little girl's section?

Saturday, October 5, 2013


More outfits of the week!  Another busy one.  Five days of work, all of which I worked at least 1-2 extra hours or more.  Plus a dentist appointment and orthodontist adjustment after work on Thursday and grocery shopping and errands on Friday.  I went to bed last night at 10 PM and woke up at 10AM this morning.  I never sleep in that late, even in the summer when I'm off!  Work lately is just catching up with me.  Too many hours and not enough rest.
- pink and white striped button down, thrifted from Goodwill, NY&Co brand
- brown bead necklace from Walmart
- brown textured trousers from Kohl's
- honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

These pants are in desperate need of alteration.  They fit well through the hips but they are so big in the waist that they are constantly sagging down.  One of my goals for this weekend is to alter several clothing pieces I have that need some tailoring.

- blue plaid button down, thrifted from Goodwill, American Eagle Outfitters brand
- orange statement necklace from Bealls Outlet
- brown wide stretch belt from Charlotte Russe
- orange pencil skirt from Target
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

Ever since I saw Heidi wearing a blue top and orange necklace with this same orange skirt, I knew I wanted to recreate her look.  Last weekend when I found this great plaid shirt at Goodwill, I knew that this was the first way I wanted to wear it.  I was not disappointed!  And no one even asked me if I was a Gators fan!

- peacock 3/4 button down from Kohl's
- peacock multicolored necklace from Target
- khaki skort from Kohl's
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

I've really gotten into a work wardrobe formula lately.  I guess some people might think it's boring but with as busy as I've been lately, it helps me get out the door quickly without too much thinking.  The formula works something like this:

button down + fun necklace + simple bottom + flats = professional teacher with minimal effort

There's just something about cotton blend button downs that is professional and flattering to me.  I'm not a fan of synthetic fabrics at all.  Is anyone else picky like me?

- maroon button down (sleeves rolled up), thrifted from Goodwill, NY&Co brand
- gray faceted teardrop necklace from Ann Taylor Outlet
- gray trousers from Kohl's
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

This is another pair of trousers that desperately needs the waist taken in.  I have three of these same brand and fit of trousers (same as the ones I wore on Monday).  I guess I didn't need the curvy fit, as the waist is huge on me but they fit everywhere else.  Add them to the list of pants to alter!

- 3/4 scoop neck tee from Steinmart
- purple utility vest from Papaya Outlet
- green statement necklace from Bealls Outlet
- straight leg jeans from Walmart, rolled up
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

I haven't worn this purple vest in ages and I have forgotten how much I love it.  It's really lightweight so it's not too hot for Florida.  The length is good on my short body and the saturated color works on my skin tone.  Also, all those pockets come in handy!
     Also, hubby took these pics after I finally got home from work and I guess Miss Isabella had missed me while I was gone all day because she kept walking in front of the camera and rubbing against my legs.  I figured rather than chase my loving kitty away, I might as well embrace her snuggles.  She's a cute accessory to any outfit!