Saturday, September 21, 2013


This has been a super busy week, including working from 6:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Thursday.  The fifth grade classes at my school were all way over our projected amounts of students this year so this week we finally were able to hire another teacher and it took quite a lot of extra hours on behalf of my team to get everything prepared for her and the kids.  Then Friday, a few colleagues and myself went on a visit to a school an hour away to observe their ipad implementation class and went shopping afterwards.  It was a great way to relax after a long week.  Too bad next week is looking like it will be just as busy.

- maroon chiffon henley from Kohl's
- gold leaf pendant necklace from Charlotte Russe
- gray chinos from Goodwill (brand is from Kohl's)
- leopard print flats

I bought these gray chinos from Goodwill with the intention of using them as Guinea pig pants to see if I could learn to take pants in at the waist.  The experiment went well and I ended up really liking the pants!  I have several other pants that will be needing taken in too but let me tell you how much more comfortable it was to wear a pair of pants that I wasn't hiking up all day!  Who knew?

- pink camp shirt from Ann Taylor Outlet
- cognac belt from
- yellow and pink skirt, made by me
- honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

This is definitely a summery outfit in my book!  Which worked out because the weather here in Florida is still quite hot.  I love the pink and yellow combination.  It's a little unexpected and a lot fun.

- burnt olive sweater from Kohl's
- straight leg jeans from Walmart
- beige faceted teardrop necklace from Body Central Outlet
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

(Since I had to dress up for Friday at work, I was allowed to wear jeans Wednesday.)  I'm so jealous of people who are enjoying cooler fall weather right now.  I decided to wear some fall transitional outfits and just pretend it's fall, since the first actual day of autumn is tomorrow.  Here I'm wearing a 3/4 length green sweater, perfect fall color in my book.  It's not full length so it's great for Florida and even in the winter, I can wear a longsleeve button down under it.  I think I'll get a lot of use out of this top.

- red, white, and blue scarf, gift from a student
- white popover 3/4 tee from Bealls Outlet
- dark wash jeggings from Walmart
- red bow flats from Bass Outlet

This outfit was inspired by this pin.  As I said above, a student gave me this scarf as a gift.  I've never worn it until now but it's another great piece to transition into fall because the fabric is really light weight so it's not too hot.  I'm just not really crazy about the colors and print on it but it matched my red flats so I went with it.  (Half day with kids this day, so I was allowed to wear jeans again!)

- floral chiffon henley from Kohl's
- moss pencil skirt from Kohl's
- cognac triple loop belt from Walmart
- honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

This is what I wore for my super long day on Friday.  I worked for the half the day as usual in my classroom.  Then three representatives from my school and I went to a school south of us to check out their technology program.  It was awesome!  Afterwards, we went shopping at my local Goodwill (and found some awesome finds) and then to the outlet mall.  Don't worry, I'll share the haul in a later post.  I'd never thought to wear this shirt with this skirt until I was searching Pinterest to get ideas on new ways to wear it.  I found this pin, this pin, this pin, this pin, and this pin and finally I began thinking, "If only I have a floral top with green leaves on it to wear with this skirt".  Then I remembered that I did!  And I really liked the way it turned out.


  1. Tuesday's and Friday's color combinations are gorgeous. :) Looking forward to seeing your thrift haul!

  2. these outfits are s adorable. I have a post like this also about fall outfits. great post! <3

    1. Thanks! I loved your military inspired fashion post. I'm loving anything in olive green right now!