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I have another Outfits of the Week post and boy was it a crazy week!  Somehow this week was even busier than last week and I worked an absurd amount of hours.  The plus side is that I left it all at work when I finally went home on Friday so I plan on spending this weekend doing zero work and doing only the things that make me happy.  I hope you will forgive me for the fact that my hair and makeup look like a hot mess in all of these photos but I'm sure you've all had weeks like this too.

I swear I did not show up to work with my hair and makeup looking like this!  I took these photos (as well as Tuesday's) on Sunday afternoon because I knew I was going to be busy this week.  Monday evening was family night at my school so I ended up working from 6:45 A.M. until 7:30 P.M.  By the time I got home, I was too exhausted to retake pictures and I looked like a nightmare anyway.  Luckily, this outfit was practical and comfortable for what was pretty much a thirteen hour day.

- black paisley button down from Kohl's
- teal and earth tones necklace (I've had it for years & don't remember where I bought it.)
- olive cropped pants from J.C. Penney
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

After Monday, I was exhausted on Tuesday.  I had a parent conference that morning and despite several cups of coffee, I was dragging all day.  By the end of the day, I was spent.  I left work at 3:30 with the intention of trying to get caught up on a class I have to take for work but by the time I ran all the errands I had to do, it was pretty late and I couldn't even concentrate to write the three papers I had to turn in by mid-October.

- fuchsia sleeveless button down from Goodwill, Banana Republic brand
- white 3/4 cardigan from Target
- khaki pencil skirt from Target
- faux pearl and chain necklace from Body Central Outlet
- wide brown stretch belt from Charlotte Russe
- brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

This was another long day at work from 6:45 A.M. to 4:45 P.M.  My team of teachers met after school today to plan out the next few weeks of instruction.  Still didn't get a chance to work on those papers.  I really wanted to get them out of the way because I start tutoring in a few weeks and there is no way I can teach, tutor, and take a class all at once.  I also spent a good chunk of the morning working on a grant so that the teachers on my grade level can buy iPads.  My grade level is trying to find a way to get an iPad into the hand of every child and teacher so we're trying to find creative ways to write grants, do fundraisers  and otherwise raise the money for the iPads that won't be paid for by our district.  The things we do for these kids!  I just hope they appreciate it.

Also, I don't know what happened but when I uploaded these outfit photos to Blogger, it changed the colors.  These pants are actually very black, not gray.  And the flats are a little darker.  I plan on donating these pants anyway.  I wore them for the first time on Wednesday, after buying them last week for $8 and taking in the waist.  It turns out they are incredibly uncomfortable!  They have no stretch at all and I guess I have big calves because they were so tight from the knees down that I thought if I bent over, they would rip to shreds like I was the hulk.  I made it through the day without popping any seams but I will never wear this torturous pants again.  Grrr.

- polka dot button down from Loft Outlet
- sparrow necklace (I've had it for years & don't remember where I bought it.)
- black cropped pants from J.C. Penney
- hot pink faux suede flats from Body Central

Since I worked extra hours with my boss last Friday, I was allowed to wear jeans today.  I tried to still keep it professional with a blazer and I was glad I wore it because Thursday turned out to be a cooler day here in Florida, barely making it into the 80s!  That's pretty comfortable for us.  This was another long day for me though.  I got to work early to finish up the grant application and stayed late to finally get some work done for my class.  A ten hour day.  (Outfit inspiration photo)

- white 3/4 camp shirt from Kohl's
- black pinstripe blazer from Goodwill, Ann Taylor brand
- yellow bubble necklace from Charlotte Russe
- dark wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
- black bow flats from Bass Outlet

Once again, I went into work way early Friday morning (notice a theme here?) so I could work on the last two assignments for my class.  I finally got everything finished!  Then there was some issues with students I had to handle after school and by the time I got out of work to start my weekend, I was ready for some retail therapy!  I'll have a separate post for that but I thought to finish off this post, I would add up all the hours I worked this week, just to put a numerical value to how much time I actually spent there, not including the hour I spend in the car each day.

- green plaid button down from Goodwill, American Eagle brand
- straight leg jeans from Walmart
- cognac belt from Walmart
- honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

Monday: 12 hours, 45 minutes
Tuesday: 8 hours, 45 minutes
Wednesday: 10 hours
Thursday: 10 hours
Friday: 10 hours

And the total comes to: 51 hours and 30 minutes.  With exactly $0 of overtime because I'm on salary.  :(  At least I start tutoring in a few weeks so then I'll be paid for my extra hours two days a week.

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