Thursday, September 12, 2013

No More Ice Skating

I bought this pair of shoes from Stein Mart with a gift card back in April.  I haven't worn them even once.  Why?  There is virtually no tread whatsoever on the bottom of these shoes.

I was planning on wearing these to a friend's house for a birthday party a few weeks ago but when I put them on, I realized that trying to even walk on carpet with these wedges on was dangerous.  They are so slick it was like ice skating in them.  So I decided to wear another pair of shoes but decided it was high time to remedy the ice skating shoes problem.

The next day, I was at Target and I saw these non skid tread stickers.  You get two pairs in a pack for $2.99, a white pair and a black pair.  I peeled off the sticky back of the black ones and just stuck them right on my clean shoe bottoms.

And as easy as that, I had a pair of shoes I could actually wear!  No more ice skating for me!


  1. That's a great idea, thank you! I have slippers that have fabric over the sole(??) and they are slipper-y.

    1. No more sliding around the house! I hope it works for you too.