Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glitter Nails

I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest lately (Anyone else have P.A.S., or Pinterest Addiction Syndrome?) which has created an unnatural hankering for glitter polish fingernails.  See herehere, here, and here.  When I went to recreate pink nails with a silver glitter accent nail, I realized I don't have a silver glitter.  Must remedy that soon!

Instead of pink with silver glitter, I just pulled out all my glittter polishes and let hubby pick one out for me.  He picked well!  This is a red holographic glitter.  Holographic meaning that in the right light, the glitter turns all rainbow fancy fabulous.  Hubby bought me this mini polish from Ulta for Christmas a few years ago in a holiday set.  The name is Tinseltown but I think it may have been limited edition.  I really had trouble capturing the real life beauty of the holographic bits of glitter so I just figured I'd include a million pictures and hope you get the idea. ;)

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