Sunday, September 22, 2013

Clothing Haul

This weekend a few friends and I did some Goodwill shopping and then moved on to the outlet mall next to my house.  Also, last weekend hubby and I stopped over at Kohl's so I included the one item I got there in this haul too.  Let's start with that.

Sonoma Petite Slubbed Sweater in Burnt Olive, Kohl's $21
I bought this great 3/4 length sweater at Kohl's on sale for $21.00.  This sweater is perfect for fall and winter in Florida's warm climate.  In fall, I can wear it alone and in the winter, I can wear a long sleeve button down under it.  I've found it's the perfect length to wear the button down with the collar out and the sleeves cuffed over the sleeves of the sweater.  I love the color and it really makes my green eyes pop.  I think I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this sweater.

Gray chinos, Goodwill $4

Next, I'll share what I got at Goodwill.  Last week when hubby and I went, I was on the lookout for a pair of pants that fit me through the hips and thighs but had the awkward butt gap caused by the waist being too big.  I found a pair of gray chinos that turned out to be this men's pair from Kohl's.  I wanted to use them to experiment and see if I could learn how to take in the waist on a pair of pants.  I have lots of pants that need this done but I didn't want to try it on a pair of pants that I had paid full price for, just in case it didn't go well.  It was a learning experience but I figured it out and I've been busy ever since making lots of alterations to other pairs of pants.  This pair only set me back $4, so I didn't have a lot invested in case the experiment went bad.

Green plaid button down, Goodwill $4

When I went to Goodwill on Friday with my friends, I found two awesome pieces.  The first is a 3/4 green plaid button down shirt from American Eagle Outfitters.  I paid only $4 for this shirt and it seems brand new to me.  And even though it wasn't petite size, this fellow fit me like a glove!  I love the color and the quality.

black pinstripe blazer, Goodwill $6

I also found this amazing petite size Ann Taylor blazer at Goodwill.  The sleeves are 3/4 length (Did you notice I love 3/4 length sleeves?) and I also love the elongating pinstripes.  Once again, this piece fits me extremely well and is practically brand new.  And the price?  Only $6!

hot pink ballet flats, Body Central $9.90

My two friends found even more amazing stuff than I did at Goodwill but after that, we decided we still wanted to do a bit more shopping so we went over to the outlet mall.  To be honest, after paying Goodwill prices, everything at the outlet seemed a little pricey to us but I finally found one of the items that has been on my wishlist for ages, a pair of hot pink flats!  I found these faux suede flats at Body Central for $9.90.  They only came in full sizes so I had to buy them a little large but that means I'll have plenty of room for insoles since they are really thin and have little support.

So after introducing my two friends to the awesome local Goodwill in my town, they were thrilled to find a place that sells such amazing clothes for a great price.  You have to really look for awhile and invest a lot of time and effort and you have to try everything on because sometimes the sizes turn out to be totally wrong, but I love the hunt and the reward when I do find something amazing, inexpensive, and that fits me well.  Does anyone else out there enjoy thrift shopping?  I think it depends a lot on the quality of merchandise because when I first lived in Florida, the Goodwill by me was terrible.  But I've found my local one now is amazing and I love finding a great treasure there for a great price.

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