Monday, September 9, 2013

Clothing Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a bit of shopping this weekend.  I finally ordered the $3 leopard scarf I've had my eye on at  I also picked up a few other random things.

Leopard Print Scarf from (click on photo for link)
This guy hasn't arrived yet, since I just ordered it a few days ago.  We'll see if it's as nice in person as it appears in the photo.  For $3, I'm willing to take the risk.
from Amazon
I found this great casual white blazer on the clearance rack at Bealls Outlet for half off.  Since I don't believe in that whole no white after Labor Day rule, I can definitely get some wear out of this guy.  And really, who made this silly rule when it's still going to feel like summer here in Florida for another two months at least?

Bealls Outlet
Next, I was on the hunt for some cropped pants for work.  I've been wearing my skirts a ton lately but I wanted some pants that I could wear while the weather is still warm.  (Because I'm lazy and don't want to shave my legs every day to wear a skirt since my hair grows like a beast.)  I found this really fun olive color on the clearance rack at J.C. Penney in my size only.  Destiny!  I thought because of the color they would transition well into "fall" here, since again, our actual fall season at the end of September will probably still be in the 80s.  When it actually does get cold, I can probably still wear these with boots too.  The only problem was with fit.  They fit through the hips and thighs but the waist is way too big, so I get that gap at the back.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I swear, 90% of pants I try on fit like this.  Grrr.  A belt works fine when the pants have belt loops but most of my work pants don't have them.  That leads to the next thing I bought.

J.C. Penney

I found these black cropped pants on the clearance rack too, for under $9.  They had the same problem, fitting through the widest part of me (hips & thighs) but too big at the waist.  Then I got a brilliant idea.  For only $9, I was totally willing to buy them, bring them home, and use them to experiment in taking in pants at the waist.  I've had this tutorial pinned for ages but I haven't been willing to completely rip apart any of the pants I already own, in case things don't turn out so well.  So I bought these pants specifically thinking I would use them to figure out how to do the alterations to take in the waist.  If it goes well, lots of my dress pants will be having surgery soon.

J.C. Penney

Please tell me I'm not alone in this problem.  Awkward butt gap, also known as A.B.G. ;)

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