Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buy This Lotion, Not That

Since it's been so hot here in Florida and I have to take my students outside for recess, I've been wearing a lot of skirts lately.  That also means I've been shaving my legs a lot lately, leading to dry skin.  To solve this problem, a few weeks ago I purchased Valu Time Sugar Pea Hand & Body Moisturizing Cream from my local Winn Dixie grocery store.  Which ended up with me giving that junk away to a student and instead purchasing Bodycology Toasted Vanilla Sugar Nourishing Body Cream from Target.

What was wrong with Valu Time?
Oh, so many things were wrong with this cheap lotion.  The first was the scent.  I couldn't even tell that this cream was scented.  You really can't smell anything at all.  Meanwhile, Bodycology clearly has a warm, cozy vanilla scent that lasts for quite some time.

The Valu Time lotion was extremely thin and runny.  It made it difficult to even get the lotion from the bottle to my hand to my legs without it running down my arm.  Gross.  However, the Bodycology was quite thick.  I could squeeze out the exact amount I wanted and get it onto my legs without any spilling.  I would say it's one of the thicker lotions I've come across and that makes for a great lotion for my legs.  You can see in the photos below how the Value Time seems to be oozing out of the bottle everywhere.

The lid for the Valu Time lotion is a screw off lid, which is an automatic inconvenience when you are dealing with a cream.  The Bodycology is a squeeze tube with an attached snap-open lid.  But Valu Time's lid coupled with the thin consistency create the perfect storm for a lotion explosion.  I open the lid, apply some to my hand and before I can ever get the lotion from my hand to my leg, more lotion is dripping out of the tube because it's so thin and I can't close the lid with lotion on my hands.  Messy and wasteful.

Also, the aesthetics of the Bodycology packaging is much more appealing.  The packaging is sleek, a little sexy, and very visually appealing.  Valu Time looks... cheap.  It reminds me of something you might buy at the dollar store or a flea market.

Price Per Ounce
In my opinion, this is the only area that Bodycology scores lower than Valu Time.  Valu Time is 7 ounces for $1, making the price per ounce $0.14.  Bodycology is 8 ounces for $3.99 at Target, so that makes the price per ounce $0.50.  However, to me the performance of the lotions makes them worth their respective prices.  Actually, I feel that Bodycology is worth way more than the low price point they charge for it.  Valu Time... not even worth one buck in my book.

Valu Time wasn't even worth the five minutes of effort it took to apply.  Five minutes after it dried, my skin was tight and dry again.  I couldn't even tell I had used lotion.  With the Bodycology, the moisture lasts a long time.  The next morning I could still tell that my legs were less dry and felt softer.  I've been pleasantly surprised time and time again at how long this lotion lasts.  I think this bottle made my third or fourth experience with this product.

Sum It Up
In summary, in my opinion you'd be wasting your money to even bother spending the $1 on Valu Time.  With as runny and thin as it is, you'll need twice as much and half of it will drip out of the bottle anyway.  Bodycology is better in every area except price.  Personally, I'd rather buck up three extra dollars to have a product that actually works - and works well.

And last, if anyone is interested in the ingredients for allergy or other reasons, I've included a photo of those below as well.

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