Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Wish List Success

I've had an awful cold all week that's been totally kicking my butt.  It's way too early in the year to be calling off from work so I suffered through it but pretty much fell asleep on the couch almost every day right after work and woke up again just in time to go to bed and sleep some more.  I'm finally starting to feel better so hubby and I took advantage of some Labor Day sales.

Last week, I wrote here about how I had a burgundy skirt on my wish list.  I just couldn't justify spending $27.99 plus tax and shipping costs (or up to $50 to get free shipping) for a skirt.  Call me cheap, that's fine.  But I've been wearing my skirts a ton lately and I really wanted to see if I could find some on clearance, since the summer clothes are on the way out to make way for fall stock.  I feel like I scored a wish list success!

The skirts I found are actually skorts, which I'm not usually crazy about.  I always wear either tights or bike shorts under my skirts so the built in shorts aren't really that unusual for me.  It's more the problem that the shorts always seem to ride up, bunch up and otherwise be uncomfortable.  I checked the skorts I bought and worst case scenario is that I can cut the shorts out if they are annoying and just zig zag stitch the raw edges.  We'll see.

The first skort is a dark khaki skort from Sonoma brand.  On a normal person, these skorts are meant to be a little on the shorter side.  For me, that means they are the perfect knee length without having to hem them or buy them in petite size.  Here's the deal I got: Khaki Sonoma Skort: Originally $36.00.  On clearance for $14.40 + 15% off coupon: $14.40 – $2.16 = $12.24 final price (plus sales tax)

Then I ventured over to the other side of Kohl's and found this baby!  Even though it isn't really burgundy, it's a rich deep red that definitely satisfies my craving for a fall colored skirt.  And the A-line shape is really flattering.  I love it!  Rio Red Croft and Barrow Skort: Originally $38.00.  On clearance for $15.20 + 15% off coupon: $15.20 – $2.28 = $12.92 final price (plus sales tax)

So $12.24 + $12.92 = $25.16.  So the cost of both skorts combined was still less than what I would have paid for the one skirt from Target.  Go me!  I can't wait to wear this skirt to work on Tuesday.  I really want to pair it with a black shirt.  When I got home, I quickly threw it on with the top I was already wearing.  I'm not planning on wearing this exact outfit Tuesday but I love the color combination.

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