Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Part 3

Shopping My Closet: Part 1
Shopping My Closet: Part 2

If you missed the two posts before this one in the Shopping My Closet miniseries, you can click the link above the check them out.  Today I'm going to be focusing on using my dresses as work wear.  I think my problem with dresses is that I tend to buy them as one time pieces.  In other words, I go to the store thinking, "I need a dress for..." and that's the only occasion I really plan to wear the dress.  But there's not much point in having a bunch of dresses in my closet that I've worn once so I've put some effort in to layering over and under my dresses to make them work appropriate.

The first dress is a spaghetti strap dress that has a great A-line skirt shape but the dress is way too low cut for work or really... for anything!  I should have known better buying it in the junior's department on a whim but that was several years ago.  Now I know better but I hate to get rid of the dress.  After I saw this pin, I knew that this dress would be perfect to wear as a skirt.  It's flowing, breezy and has a great shape.

blue spaghetti strap dress- Bealls Department Store, white camp shirt-Kohl's, cognac belt-Charlotte Russe, cognac heels-Bass Outlet
This next dress really pretty but the back is a little too revealing and there's a big bow in the back that makes it difficult to wear something over it.  I paired it with this short little cardigan and now it's a sweet and work appropriate dress.  I bet I could make it work with a button down under the dress too.

white cardigan-Target, dress-Vanity Fair Outlet, taupe wedge heels-Payless
Finally, I bought this amazing little black dress for an amazing price at Banana Republic Outlet earlier this year and I've only worn it once.  I knew this dress had a ton of potential when I picked it out but I needed to put in the effort to figure out other ways to wear it.  I came up with seven different ways and I can't wait to wear them all!

Look #1: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; polka dot blouse - Loft Outlet; blue flats - Rue21

Look #2: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; chambray shirt - Kohl's; cognac belt - Body Central Outlet; cognac flats - Bass Outlet

Look #3: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; pink sweater - Target; scarf - Izod Outlet; boots - Walmart

Look #4: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; pink silk blouse - Ann Taylor Outlet; gray belt - Body Central Outlet; pink floral flats - Rue21

Look #5: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; maroon cardigan - Target; white scarf - gift from a student; black stretch belt - Papaya Outlet; faux snakeskin heels - Target

Look #6: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; chambray shirt - Walmart; leopard print belt - Walmart; black flats - Bass Outlet

Look #7: black dress - Banana Republic Outlet; red turtleneck - Walmart; faux pearl necklace - Body Central Outlet; black bow belt -; gray tights - Walmart; red flats - Bass Outlet

The great thing about all of these looks is that they are appropriate for work while still being really stylish and cute.  I'll definitely be wearing one of these to work the first week with students.  I think my favorite looks are #4 and #5.  The last look would be great for a holiday party too.

When I first started this mini series, my goal was to come up with new outfits for work without buying any new items.  Twenty-one new outfits later, I'm pretty proud of what I've come up with and I know there are hundreds of other possibilities that I haven't thought of yet.

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