Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Part 1

I'm a big supporter of using what you already have so I'm bringing you: Shopping My Closet!  At the beginning of 2013, I pretty much bought an entirely new wardrobe.  Now that I'm about to start back to teaching (tomorrow's my first official day back), I really didn't feel the need to go buy new "school clothes".  I already have a closet full of pieces that I love, so why add to it?  Instead, I thought I would try to "shop" my own closet by finding new ways to wear the clothes I already have.  I sometimes get into these ruts where I have only one way that I wear a piece and I wanted to break out of that rut.  I really wanted to make use out of what I had instead of buying a bunch of new stuff and I'm really proud of the results!

The first thing I did was to search Pinterest for inspiration.  I was specifically looking for outfits that consisted of pieces that were similar to what I already owned.  The outfits I made aren't always exactly the same, but the pins give me ideas to restyle what I own.

blouse-Target, cardigan-Target, black belt-Charlotte Russe, pencil skirt-Target, heels-Famous Footwear
The first piece I really wanted to find a way to wear is this animal print tank top blouse.  I bought it several years ago at Target because my school has had a "Wild About Learning" theme for the past four years.  I had to alter it by shortening the straps and shortening the length of the shirt and now it fits pretty nicely.  It's just not something that I would normally buy, as it isn't really my style and because of that, I've only worn it two or three times.  To fit our school theme, my boss requested that all the teachers wear a "colorful animal print outfit" for our orientation so I wanted to make use of this shirt.  I am actually quite proud of how much my outfit ended up looking like the inspiration pin.  And styled like this, I could really see myself wearing this shirt again.  I think it looks professional but still fun.

The next outfit didn't turn out looking as nice as the inspiration pin.  I'm not sure if it's because I was having a lot of trouble getting the shirt to tuck into the skirt nicely or if it's just because I'm not 5 foot ten and ninety-nine pounds like the model.  I think my version turned out okay but I don't love it.

plaid shirt-Kohl's,, navy skirt-made by me, sandals-Rack Room Shoes
The next outfit is probably looks the least similar to the inspiration pin.  What I took from the original was a floral top, a belt, and khaki pants.  I actually love the way this translated.  I decided to go with a thick belt because these pants really need taken in at the waist but I'm too cheap and lazy to have them tailored or figure out how to do it myself.  Since the pants don't have belt loops, I just decided to wear them with a thick belt like I often do with my skirts.  I really like it!  I'll definitely be wearing this outfit to work soon.

floral chiffon blouse-Kohl's, tan trousers-Kohl's, belt-Charlotte Russe, flats-Rack Room Shoes
The next outfit was created when I was looking for new ways to wear this skirt.  The skirt is one of my favorites but it's sort of a weird color that can be a little hard to style.  I found this inspiration pin and knew that with the pieces I own, it would translate into a great outfit.  I actually bought this shirt at the very beginning of summer and have only worn it maybe once.

shirt-Kohl's, skirt-Kohl's, belt-Walmart, flats-Target
And this last outfit came from an inspiration pin that I had drooled over for ages and never got around to recreating.  I'm glad I finally did!  It turned out really cute.  This is another outfit I'll definitely be wearing to work.

shirt-Kohl's, belt-Charlotte Russe, skirt-Target, shoes-Rack Room Shoes
Shown here are one week's worth of new outfits with not one new piece of clothing.  I'm pretty excited to start the year in style... without spending a dime.  Stay tuned for Shopping My Closet: Part 2 and Part 3!  Part 2 will focus on utilizing pieces I haven't worn often to make an outfit.  Part 3 will be all about styling dresses for work, including several ways to wear a little black dress.


  1. What a GREAT series! I'm loving all the outfits you've put together and hope you continue on with this series as the seasons change! Thanks so much for the inspiration to go shopping in my own closet!

  2. I am really enjoying reading back through this series. Definitely going to pin to my style inspiration board. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Carly, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm thinking of doing it again just because of all the money it saved me in not buying new items.