Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Pieces & Wish List

New Pieces
Hubby and I have been total homebodies for the past few months.  We've been trying to save some money this summer but we've also been super busy with the start of the school year so it was really nice to get out and about this weekend and actually do some shopping.  Since we still want to be careful with our money, we were looking for some great sales and we totally scored!  We started out at our local library, where they sell used books for $2.  We found all of the exact books we were looking for except one!

Next, we went to Goodwill and I found a great petite size khaki blazer.  I already have a khaki blazer but it doesn't fit nearly as well as the one I bought at Goodwill, probably because the other one wasn't petite.  The one I thrifted was only $6, even though it was pretty much brand new and coming from Talbot's would have probably cost around $100 brand new.  What a deal!  I really love my local Goodwill and I need to remember to check it out more often.

Next we went to Chamblin Book Mine (check out pics of it in this post) for that last book we didn't get at the library.  I still had $5 credit from trading in books the last time I went so the book only ended up being $2.

Last, we went to Kohl's.  I have had my eye on the shirt below for months but since I already have two shirts just like it in different colors and prints, I couldn't justify spending $36 on it.  However, since I love both of the other shirts and wear them a lot, I knew if I had this one I would get a lot of use out of it too, especially since the white and black design would be really easy to pair with just about anything.  So when I saw it on clearance for $10.80 in my size only, I jumped on the chance.

One of the reasons why I'm being really careful with money right now is that I started back to work on August 5th, but I won't get a pay check until August 31st.  It's one of those things that stinks about being a teacher and the way our pay schedule falls this year, I'll basically end up working for four weeks before I get paid.  Boo.  So while I did do a bit of shopping, I'm still trying to restrain myself from just buying every single thing I want.  So below, I've compiled a wish list of things that might just have to be purchased after I start getting regular pay checks again.  ;)

Wish List
This belt has been on my Amazon wish list for quite some time now.  The fun outfits I could create with a wide stretch leopard belt!  And I love the black clasp on it too.

Next on my wish list are a pair of bright pink flats... because I like fun shoes!  I don't necessarily have my heart set on this pair, but these would be just fine!
And because I can't get enough of leopard print accessories, I also love this scarf.  It's great because it's lightweight so I could actually wear it here in Florida.
Finally, I've been loving my pencil skirts for work and I'm finding myself wanting more.  I think a burgundy one or a gray one would be a great addition.  I love the Merona Doubleweave Pencil Skirts from Target and I think this fall, they are going to have some really great ones available.  I might be ordering this one online after I get paid on Friday!
Are there any pieces you've had your eyes on lately?

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