Monday, July 1, 2013

Packing Light: Picking Wardrobe Pieces

After using Go Chic Or Go Home to plan which pieces of my wardrobe would give me the most flexibility, I would then narrow it down to about one top per day of the trip and about half that many bottoms.  When choosing these pieces, I decided to stick with mostly neutral pieces with pops of pink color, playing on the fun pink flip flops I recently bought.

white 3/4 length tee (Steinmart), black paisley button down shirt, white 3/4 length popover tee (Bealls Outlet), black tee (Marshalls), olive cargo vest, pink button down (Ann Taylor Outlet), white button down

dark wash jeggings (Walmart), yellow and pink skirt (made by me), medium wash bootcut jeans (Loft Outlet), khaki casual shorts (JC Penney from 2 years ago), medium wash capris (Walmart), dark wash bootcut jeans (Loft Outlet)

honey bow flats (Bass Outlet), pink flip flops (Rue21), pewter flip flops (Walmart, last year) (I selected the closed toe flats just in case of cold weather or rain.)

fedora hat, cognac cinch belt, long pink bead necklace, pink pendant necklace (Rue21), fuchsia teardrop necklace

white tank top, lightweight zip up hoodie, black lounge pants (Target), sleep shorts (Walmart), navy T-shirt

In my next post, I hope to share some different outfits that could be made with the tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories that I picked out.  For now, I wanted to share one strategy for packing that is helpful if you are flying or traveling by car.

Large Suitcase

I pack most of my clothes in my larger suitcase.  Notice how I packed my hat.  I turned it upside down and filled it with some of my under clothes (tank tops and bike shorts that are not pictured above).  This way the hat keeps its shape and also maximizes the amount of room I have in my bag.  The plastic bag contains shoes.  The bag keeps them from getting your clothes dirty.  My necklaces are placed in a clear makeup bag.

Carry On Bag
In my smaller carry on size bag, I usually pack what you might think of as an overnight bag.  If I arrive late and don't feel like unloading everything from the car, I can just grab this bag until the next day.  Of course, if you were going to fly, you wouldn't pack quite the same way.

Toiletries are on the bottom, in a separate bag like this or sometimes the hanging bags.  These kind of plastic or nylon bags are nice because if something leaks a little, it will still protect most of your clothes and other items.  If you're really worried about it, there's always Ziplock bags.  Tucked along the sides are a change of clothes or two, including pajamas.  On the top, I stack my makeup, flat iron, hair dryer, and any other tools I might need to do my hair and makeup.  The bag I pack these items in sometimes varies, but I always use it in pretty much the same way.  If I'm flying, I'll usually put the toiletries in my larger bag so I can make it through security without having them confiscated.


  1. Can't wait to see how you style these pieces multiple ways!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun coming up with different ways to style these basics.