Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Packing Light: Outfits

I've been trying for days to catch a sunny day to photograph some of the outfits I created with the wardrobe pieces I picked out in my last post  but the Florida weather is not cooperating!  It's been cloudy, dark and rainy for the past several days.  Finally this morning, there was sunshine!  But of course, by the time I did my hair and makeup and put on the first outfit, it had started pouring again and was dark.  I just gave up on waiting for the perfect lighting and decided to see how I could do with just the flash on my camera.  The pictures are a little blurry and I had to take them inside, but I think the idea of each outfit still comes across just fine.  Enjoy!

The first outfit is one that I would wear for a long car ride.  The pieces are all comfortable while still being cute.  Closed toe flats would protect my feet from any sudden downpours while running into rest areas and the elastic waist on the jeggings are comfortable enough to sit in a car for fourteen hours.

white popover, cargo vest, jeggings, honey bow flats

The rest of the outfits could be worn for any occassion: dinner out with family, a day at the zoo, visit to the flea market.  You could mix and match pretty much any top and bottom with different accessories to make lots of different looks.  Here are just a few that I liked.
pink button down, yellow and pink skirt, cognac belt, pink flip flops

black paisley button down, capris, pink flip flops, pink pendant necklace, optional fedora
white popover, khaki shorts, pink flip flops, pink pendant necklace, optional fedora
fedora, white button down, dark bootcut jeans, pink teardrop necklace, pink flip flops
fedora, white elbow length tee, cargo vest, cognac belt, dark bootcut jeans, pewter flip flops
black tee, long pink bead necklace, medium wash bootcut jeans, pink flip flops, optional fedora

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