Sunday, July 14, 2013

Packing Light: Beach Outfits

A few days ago, I showed you what I would pack in my bag for a day at the beach while on vacation.  Today I have some fun beach friendly outfits to share with you!  The idea of this (imaginary) trip is basically a four day, three night beach vacation.  In my mind, this would be a vacation that I drive to but you could always tweak it to work for what you need if you were flying.  Let's start with the pieces I've selected.

Top Row:
Faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet [similar]

Middle Row:
Kelly green sundress from Bealls Outlet [similar] [similar] [similar]
White popover 3/4 tee from Bealls Outlet [similar]
Blue cutout tee from Bealls Outlet [similar]
Chambray button down from Kohl's [similar]
Pewter medallion flip flops [similar] [similar]

Bottom Row:
Black bermuda shorts from Steinmart [similar]
Pink paisley skirt, made by me [exact fabric] [similar skirt] [similar skirt]

I've selected four days of outfits put together using only the pieces shown above.

And just to show that these few pieces could be really versatile even for a longer trip, I've included some other ways you could combine them to make different outfits to suit your needs.

Outfit 1: green dress, chambray shirt, pearl necklace, flip flops

Outfit 2: white popover, pink necklace, jeggings, flip flops

Outfit 3: blue tee, fedora, black bermudas, flip flops

Outfit 4: chambray shirt, pearl necklace, pink paisley skirt, black belt, flip flops

Outfit 5: blue tee, jeggings, flip flops

Outfit 6: chambray shirt, jeggings, fedora, pink necklace, flip flops

kitty photo bomb!
Outfit 7: white popover, pink paisley skirt, black belt, flip flops

Outfit 8: chambray shirt, black bermudas, pink necklace, flip flops

Outfit 9: white popover, black bermudas, fedora, pink necklace, flip flops

Outfit 10: blue tee, pink paisley skirt, black belt, flip flops

And I'm there are probably other combinations that would also work too.  And just to be sure I was being realistic, I grabbed all the stuff that I would pack for a trip like this and tried it out to see if it really would fit in the bag I picked out.  It did!

Ta da!  Packing light success.  I wish I had been this wise last year when I literally packed my biggest luggage bag for my stay in St. Pete... overkill I know but breaking bad habits takes time.


  1. Good choices:) today i watched some of your videos. Project pans, shop my stashs, favourites... i hope you make make up videos again. I miss them so much. Kisses from Turkey :*

    1. Thanks! I've actually been thinking about making some videos. Any suggestions?