Sunday, July 28, 2013

Books & Summer's End

I know I've been pretty MIA with posting lately and I apologize.  The beginning and ending of the school year is always really busy for me.  I officially start back to work next week so I'm at my summer's end!  I'm so excited for this school year to start!  I have some things I'm really excited about doing this year.  I've spent several days in my classroom, getting things cute and clean for the new year.  (Pictures to come!)  Mostly, I've spent the last two weeks reading while snuggling with my kitties.  I'm the team leader of the fifth grade teachers at my school and we decided at the end of the year that we wanted our students to read the Sunshine State Young Reader's Award books and have book discussions based on common core standards, which our school is transitioning to this year.  Long story short, I volunteered to take on the task of reading the books and writing some discussion questions.

Here is my Isabella kitty, modeling the books I've read so far.  She's a total diva and photobombs lots of my pictures!  She's funny because she looks right at the camera like she knows that it loves her.  <3

And I actually finished another book after I took this photo!  So far I've read and written questions for:
1. Double Dog Dare (not pictured)
2. Mousenet
3. Waiting for the Magic
4. Wish Stealers
5. The Candymakers
6. Janitors
7. The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook
8. Floors
9. The Year of the Book
10. The One and Only Ivan

And just for fun, as I tried to retake this photo, this is what Isabella did:

I tell you, she totally knows she's cute!

And in the week of break I have left, I'll be working on reading and writing questions for:
1. Touch Blue
2. Glory Be
3. Fake Mustache
4. Thomas and the Dragon Queen
5. Melonhead

Luckily, one of my friends/coworkers is helping me finish up the last few books, since summer went by a lot faster than I thought it would and I actually have to work two days this coming week at in-services.  I don't mind at all though!  I'm totally happy to go back to workshops and then work and get to see my friends!


  1. I learn so much about the teaching profession from reading your blog posts. Much respect for teachers!

    1. Aw thanks! I really love it so I don't mind spending lots of time during the summer planning and preparing for the next year.