Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adventure Day

With just a little over a week left before I start back to work, I've been really busy reading books for my students, writing book discussion questions, aligning curriculum, getting my room ready, and writing lesson plans.  Today my friend M and I decided that we needed to take a break and do something together outside of work.  I love hanging out with M because she is always ready for an adventure and we always have a blast together.  Last summer we drove to Orlando for a day of Ikea and classroom decoration shopping.  Back in February we went on another adventure to Orlando for a day of shopping at the outlets over President's Day weekend.  Whenever M and I start planning an adventure, this is how I feel.
Today was no exception!  We started out with a trip to a farmer's market in Jacksonville.  This market is supposed to be one of the larger ones and is open 365 days a year.  It was honestly a little intimidating with so many things to see, smell, and hear.  So many beautiful colors!

After stopping for some lunch, we headed to one of my favorite places on Earth: Chamblin Bookmine!  If you love books and are ever in the Jacksonville area, you will not want to miss this place.  I swear this store is magical.  From the outside, it looks like a normal sized used book store.  When you go inside, you realize it's like Hermione's bag or a Weasley tent.  Inside, it's an enormous maze of books that seems to go for miles and miles in every direction.  It's a book nerd's heaven.  Every direction you look is just row after row after row of books.  Seriously, I love this place so much I can't even explain.  These photos do not even begin to illustrate the size of this place.

One of the many great things about Chamblin Bookmine is they buy used books.  Today, I brought in two bags of used books that I knew we wouldn't read again.  They didn't buy all the books I brought in, but I was able to get $39 in store credit and bought three new (to me) books and still had $5 store credit left over for another day.

Next, M and I did a bit of thrift/window shopping.  We went to Salvation Army, Hut 8, Chocolate Shoe, and my favorite, Posh.  Posh is an adorable "upscale consignment boutique" but I was pleasantly surprised by how fair the prices were.  I tried on a really cute navy blue J Crew A-line skirt that was priced at $12.00 and 25% off.  Unfortunately, it just didn't fit me quite right but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this store.  Also, the store itself was totally girly and adorable.  I love the fashion quotes and decorations on the wall.

This adorable chair was outside of the dressing room.  This would make an awesome craft project!

And these adorable wreaths were hanging up in the entryway of the dressing room.  Another craft project idea for me!  One day I will have one of these for my house!

I'm completely exhausted now but I had so much fun and all I spent was money on gas since M bought me lunch.  :)  There's nothing better than adventure day with a good friend!


  1. This sounds like my kind of adventure. I love books and fresh veggies. Don't even get me started on thrifting. I clicked on your link from GCOGH.