Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Shopping 2

As I mentioned on Friday, I had some more shopping to do over the weekend.  I have a little haul of mixed items to share.  The first item is beauty related.  I picked up this Eye Serum at Dollar General for $5.75.  I've used this one before and it is amazing for the price.  It's as good as or better than a comparable generic brand that I buy at Target for around $15.

The next item is a fun and bright purse that I purchased at Rue21 on clearance for $7.  I like that it's a great teal color for summer and has lots of pockets but it's a cross body bag, which I'm not a fan of in general.  Also, it's a little too big for my tiny four foot eleven frame.  It will last temporarily until I find a more suitable replacement.  I really just wanted something cheap to last until I have more time to really shop around for more of an investment bag.  Something that will last more than a few weeks would be great right about now.  I start summer break on Thursday so then I will have more time to really shop until I find something I really like.

And finally, I picked up a few basic containers at Big Lots to use as organizers in my classroom closet.  I was really hoping to find some of these or these at Big Lots.  The first link listed were the ones I really wanted and my Big Lots didn't have them.  Sad!  The second link was available but they were just too flimsy for what I need them to do.  What I did find was a few clear shoe boxes for $1.00 each.  And for the larger items I need to store, I bought three 18 quart sink tubs.  (You can place them in your sink to wash dishes in.)  They are nice and strong and were only $2.50 each.  I'm not a fan of the black but I figured either I wouldn't notice once they were in the closet and full or if I did notice, black would be easy to decorate with fun duct tape like this or maybe even with scrapbook paper.  Either way, they will serve the purpose for which I need them, whether they are pretty or not.

After all that shopping, we went to see Star Trek Into Darkness at the IMAX in 3D.  As a nerd, I thought it was an awesome movie!  I definitely want to see it again!

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