Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Packing Light: Planning Using GCOGH

As I mentioned in my first Packing Light post, it took me several years to figure out that packing light can be a lot easier and more practical than packing everything you might ever need ever just in case maybe you need it that one time.  LOL  It becomes exhausting hauling around a luggage bag that is bigger than you are, along with six smaller bags.

We've actually decided for financial reasons not to take a trip right now but I still wanted to share with you strategies for packing light, since so many people are traveling at this time of year.

The next step was picking out a few key wardrobe pieces that I could mix and match to make different outfits.  I used the Go Chic Or Go Home website to help me do this.  I added the tag "Packing" to each of the pieces in the photo above so I could sort through them faster and create outfits.  After I picked out my key pieces, I used GCOGH's Create tab to make as many ensembles as I could using the pieces.  That allowed me to see which tops and bottoms were the most versatile and which ones could only be worn in a few different ways.  Then I removed the ones that weren't giving me a lot of bang for my buck and swapped them out for different pieces.  I ended up with basic pieces that could easily be mixed and matched.

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