Monday, June 24, 2013

Packing Light: Figuring It Out

In just a few short days I'll be on my way to Pittsburgh for some much needed family time.  Normally, I'm notorious for over packing.  I'm known to bring enough clothes and supplies to last a month for a one week vacation.  I've vowed not to do that this trip.  We usually make about two week long trips each year to visit family and I've learned a few things through trial and error.

#1: I don't need to bring a ton of makeup.  We're there to visit family so when my mom calls at 8:30 and asks if we can meet her and my dad for breakfast at 9:00, it doesn't leave a lot of time for makeup.  So I'm just bringing the basics.

#2: The chances of me needed a "fancy dress" or dress clothes is pretty unlikely.  And if I do, then it's a great excuse to go shopping!  However, hanging out with family means I need casual clothes that are comfortable and that I feel good in.  And being rushed everywhere I go means I need to be able to pick out outfits quickly and be on my way.  This means I'll stick to casual, comfortable pieces that I feel comfortable in.  In order to maximize the number of outfits I can make with a limited number of pieces, I'll bring mostly neutral items and a few accessories that will turn the pieces into an outfit.  I'm sticking to bright pink for an accent color and everything else is pretty neutral so that the pieces can mix and match... because you never know when you might end up staying longer than you planned when you're staying with family.

#3: Just like my chances of needing a cocktail dress are slim to none, so are my chances of needed to curl my hair into a fancy hairdo.  So rather than bring all my crazy hair tools, I'll only bring my straightener.  I almost always straighten my hair anyway and if I really find that I need to curl it, I can use my straightener to do so.  However, I will add that I plan to bring my full size blow dryer.  While it takes up more space than my travel blow dryer, it dries my hair twice as fast and time is of the essence when you're only in town for a few days.

#4: While I might want to look my best the second I arrive in town, I have to be realistic.  The car ride takes about thirteen hours, if there's no traffic or slow downs... which there always is.  So I need to wear something that is comfortable, cute, and warm enough for the air conditioning in the car.  I'm probably going to sleep for most of the ride because it's so boring so I'll be wearing my glasses and very little makeup because nothing is as unattractive as a pile of smeared greasy mascara.

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