Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finally Pinterested

This is how I used to store my winter boots.

How sad.  I've been waiting quite some time to make something I saw here on Pinterest happen.  You use inexpensive pool noodles to store your boots upright.  When I first pinned this idea, it was winter and even though I live in Florida, pool noodles weren't exactly "in season".  When I was at Dollar General earlier this week, I finally remembered that I wanted to do that so I picked up two skinny pool noodles for $1 each.

Isabella posing with my noodles!
I put one full noodle in a boot and used regular craft scissors to cut it to size.  Repeat with next boot.  And I had enough of that first noodle to do three boots.  With two total noodles, I would have had enough to do three pairs of boots.  I only own two pairs right now since I can't wear them most of the year but I'm keeping the extras just in case!

My boots are finally Pinterested and now they stand up nice and straight on their own!  They'll stay in better condition and they also take up less space.  Hooray for Pinterest!


  1. I did the same thing with my winter boots! It's awesome.

    Pinterest can be really amazing but also really silly sometimes.

  2. Florida Girl here as well! *waving* I like this idea. I usually stuff mine with newspaper but your idea is a lot less messy when it's time to wear the boots.

    1. Newspaper I bet would keep the toes nicely shaped too! Thanks for sharing another idea.