Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy Days

The past two days have been pretty busy ones for me, even though I'm on summer vacation.  Yesterday I was feeling really domestic and I ended up cleaning the entire downstairs.  Judge if you will, but I rarely ever mop my floors.  I usually just spot clean with Clorox wipes but once a year (always in the summer) I get in there and really scrub them and yesterday ended up being that day.  After I did a bunch of cleaning, I decided to make another skirt.  The yellow one I made earlier this week ended up being too small so I bought another yard of fabric and tried again because I just loved that fabric too much to give up!  This one turned out perfectly.  So cleaning and sewing pretty much took up most of my day yesterday.

Then today was a day of errands and getting stuff done.  I've been trying to get an appointment set up for my oral surgery I discussed in this post since March.  There has been some miscommunication with the surgeon's office and basically I've had a hard time getting things scheduled due to my own busy end of the school year so I finally made the effort today to make the phone calls to the dentist's office and the surgeon's office to get everything set up for my consultation in July.  If all goes well, I should be having the surgery towards the end of July.  Not a big deal but finally taken care of!

Which meant that we could now figure out when we can make the trip to Pittsburgh this summer to visit family.  We decided to leave during the middle of next week, in between all of our summer doctor's appointments.  Time to start packing!

After all of that, it was still only 9:30 in the morning!  LOL And I had a doctor's appointment at the hospital today to go to but luckily that was a quick visit to tell me I'm doing great and keep it up!

When I got home, I realized that I desperately needed a haircut, especially if I was going to go see family next week.  I haven't had it cut since March and it was looking a bit scraggly.  The last blog post where I had a picture of my hair down was this one.  I'm pretty sure I haven't worn it down since then.  It's just getting so long and I'm so lazy, especially in the summer.  My hair stylist and I discussed cutting it a little shorter than last time might be a good idea for summer.  By August my hair will be the length I got it cut last time and then I can decide if I want to let it get a bit longer or keep it short.  I kind of like shorter (read: shoulder length) hair on me.  I get really annoyed with my hair when it's long.  With all the layers she cut in, it has more volume and body now and I like that.

Finally, when I got home from my haircut, Brian and I decided we both needed to do a bit of clothing shopping for our trip.  We grabbed dinner at Tijuana Flats because I had a gift card with some money still on it and then we went over to Kohl's, which is next door.  I didn't find what I was looking for but he picked up a few casual shirts to wear.

So busy but great days for me this week!  I've felt really productive and now I'm thinking tomorrow I might tackle my next project: sorting through my closet again!  It won't be as big of a task as it was back in January but there are still some clothes I never went through back then.  And now that I've had my new wardrobe for a few months, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to keep and what I'm fine with donating that I might not have a few months ago.  Now I just have to get motivated to gather up every piece of clothing I own again and sorting.  Wish me luck!

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