Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shopping My Stash for a Busy Week

Last night, I was mentally running through my upcoming week of work when I began to realize this was going to be a busy one. Next week is my last week of work before summer, so I have a ton of paperwork I need to get done this week in order to close out the school year. Additionally, I need to get my classroom cleaned and purge a lot of stuff from my closet. That means I'm going to need to work some extra hours either before or after my contracted hours. So the faster I can get ready in the morning, the earlier I can get to work and get started and the less time I'll have to stay after work when I'm exhausted. Time to shop my stash!

I picked out a few neutral blushes that are easy to apply and some eye shadows that worked well as singles, meaning that one shadow on the lid is all you really need. I'll probably keep all the rest of my makeup very quick and simple: a sweeping of foundation powder, mascara, and sweat proof eyeliner. Even with today being the first day back after a long weekend and hitting the snooze when I usually don't I was still ready five minutes earlier than usual.  Tomorrow I'm  shooting for twenty minutes early!  Below are the blushes and shadows I picked out to use this week.  

Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Original Rose
Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll
Physician's Formula Talc Free Mineral Blush in Natural Flow
Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral (hit pan on!)

Eye shadows:
L.A. Colors 12 Eye Shadow Palette in Traditional
Wet N Wild Trio in Walking on Eggshells
Wet N Wild Single in Nutty

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