Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fun

Today I went to work.  Not so exciting.  I wore this:

Exciting because I love this outfit!  I wear it all the time but I just feel so good in it!

Very exciting: Tijuana Flats for dinner followed by some shopping!  Hubby and I went to a local teacher store to pick up some supplies that I wanted for next school year.  Next week I have a teacher planning day and I plan on totally cleaning and reorganizing my classroom closet.  If you can't see from the background of the photo above, it's getting really cluttered and messy!  I'm very obsessive about keeping my classroom organized and it desperately needs some help right now.

After the teacher store, we did some other fun shopping at Target and J.C. Penney.  I need a new purse because my current one was a cheapo from Walmart and is ripping at the handles.  I didn't find anything but we'll go out tomorrow and shop a bit more.  But I did find some other stuff!

My gray cat Isabella is modeling some fun teacher purchases!  I picked up four rolls of colored Bordette bulletin border in violet, orange, brite blue and nile green.  I also bought four rolls of Mavalus tape, which is the only kind of tape I'm allowed to use in my classroom because it doesn't ruin the walls.  The big blue box is to hold charts and large classroom decorations.  The smaller green and blue box holds bulletin border once it's unrolled or if it comes in flat strips.  On the end of that box are three packs of erasers.

These six packs of erasers were each only $1.00 from Target.  They had several other types but I decided to go with one pack of bone erasers and two packs of dice erasers.  I use these in my treasure box as a behavior and homework incentive.  The dice erasers have been a big hit in the past.

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