Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Weekend Wear

As I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook page, my principal is allowing the teachers to wear jeans every day this week as part of our Teacher Appreciation Week.  So it's a nice chance to show some outfits that I would wear on the weekends.  This outfit is a perfect example of something I would wear outside of work for shopping or a casual date.  I actually liked this outfit so much that I was thinking I might wear it next weekend to the birthday party of one of my good friend's son.  Except that I stopped at the grocery store after work today and ran into her father-in-law so I guess I'll have to find a new outfit to wear!  :-P Maybe tomorrow's outfit will be the winner!

The Pieces:
1. petite hot pink camp shirt from Ann Taylor Outfit
2. sparrow pendant necklace (don't remember where it's from)
3. petite dark wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
4. pink floral flats from Rue21

1. Oh hey, there's my figure!  Remember how yesterday's outfit swallowed up my shape?  Not today!  I felt slim and small in this outfit and I was glad to be seen out in public by someone I know in this outfit!
2. And, as usual, because the pieces fit well (and don't have stupid random elastic at the bottom) and were comfortable.  No tugging and yanking on this outfit!
3. I love the added whimsy of the fun shoes and pretty bright pink top.  I feel like these pieces really show my fun and bubbly personality.



  1. I love when everything comes together in an outfit and you just feel good in it. I totally know what you mean about feeling even better when someone actually sees you in a nice outfit - it just makes the effort worth it, ya know?