Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Quick

I'm going to make this a quick post.  I had an after school activity today so I'm getting to this post late already plus I need to go shower so I can be ready to watch the new episode of The Big Bang Theory at 8:00.  :)  Yea for it being almost Friday!

The Pieces:
1. petite chambray button down from Kohl's
2. brown and white polka dot skirt - made by me!
3. faux pearl and chain necklace from Body Central Outlet
4. sheer nylons
5. honey bow flats from Bass Outlet
6. cognac cinch elastic belt

1. I love the way this outfit gives an hourglass shape.  The A line skirt and belted waistline balance out the top half.
2. This outfit is very comfortable because everything fits well.
3. I love how the neutral colors work together without being boring.
4. I really like how this skirt came out.  The polka dots are super cute and this skirt could be dressed up like this for work and worn very casual for the weekends as well.


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