Monday, May 6, 2013

Fashion Adventure: I've Decided

I've decided I don't like this shirt.  At all.  I kind of hate it.  A lot.  After it gets washed, it's going to the donate pile.  I don't feel bad about it, since it was only about $6.  I tell you all the reasons why I hate it below.

The Pieces:
1. black tank top from Target
2. petite black chiffon keyhole blouse from Sears
3. bracken fern artist cardigan from Target
4. faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
5. petite medium wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
6. black bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. These jeans are comfortable and fit well.  Yea.... that's it.

1. This shirt is so unflattering.  It  has elastic threads at the bottom so it widens me across the midsection as well as giving the illusion of a belly sticking out over my jeans.  Considering one of the areas I like to flatter is my small waist, this shirt does nothing to accentuate that.  It somehow does the opposite.
2. The same crummy elastic at the bottom caused the shirt to ride up all day long.  I spent the whole day yanking this stupid thing down and it was so uncomfortable, feeling like my plumber crack was hanging out because of the shirt riding up.  I thought maybe I could make this shirt work by tucking it into a skirt but then it kept bunching up and looking like a weird lump under the skirt.

3. This shirt is a little low cut in the first place and with the added keyhole, it would be rather revealing if I hadn't worn a modest tank top under it.

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