Saturday, April 6, 2013

Haul: Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Makeup & More

Brian and I did some fun couples shopping together this weekend and I bought some things I'm really excited about!  You may recognize a few of them from my window shopping post last week.  Darn you, window shopping!  You always end up costing me money in the end!  But at least it gives me some time to really think about whether the purchase would be a good use of my money and it keeps me from impulse shopping... as much.  I also picked up a few makeup items that I was out of completely.  Here's the haul!

Stein Mart
We had another $25 gift card for Stein Mart and a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more.  These shoes were $31 and Brian also bought a tie.  With the coupon and gift card, we only had to pay for the tie.  Hooray for free shoes!  Now, I really didn't need these shoes but neither Brian nor I really found anything that we liked in the clothing department.  I looked around at the handbags and still found nothing.  Then I thought maybe I could find some cute colored flats to experiment with.  I figured experimenting with shoes if they were free meant little risk.  But they didn't have a single pair of colored flats!  Boo!  In the end, I found these shoes that are a cute brown snakeskin and have a wedge heel.  The shoes weren't my first pick, but they were the most comfortable out of the four or five pairs of wedges I tried on.  I wouldn't have bought them if I was spending my own money but for free, we'll see how much use I get out of them.  I still think they're pretty cute and I seem to do better in wedge heels than in pumps.
[photo source]
I was on a mission at Kohl's to find my perfect 3/4 white button down.  That was an easy one.  I tried on all three that I mentioned in last week's post and this is the one that I liked the best.  And it was on sale for $17.99!  I also tried on this blazer in preppy ivory (stripes) and coral, but neither one fit right, even after trying multiple sizes.  They're cute, but I'm not compromising on fit anymore.
[photo source]
Then this morning, Brian and I decided to stop over at the outlet mall next door. I tell you, it's dangerous, living right next door to the outlet!  I mentioned last week that I had been seriously considering buying a utility vest and when I went into Papaya to look at a few different ones, I instantly fell in love with the purple one I posted about.  There are a few reasons why I picked this one.  1. It fits very well in key places like the shoulders, the length, the bust, and the waist. 2. Even though this deep purple may not be the most versatile color, it's my favorite color and I knew it would go with at least five other things I already owned. 3. It didn't have any of the stud decorations that a lot of the other ones did.  To me, studs just made the others look a little too young for me.

Again, I tried on a coral blazer, but it was too big and they didn't have a size small.  So I moved on to the next store!

exact same, $18.99
Vanity Fair Outlet
After my quick Papaya trip, I met up with hubby down at the Vanity Fair Outlet.  He was in desperate need of some casual clothes, so he found some stuff for himself while I wandered around a bit.  While "killing time" ;) I stumbled onto an end cap filled with pretty flats in different colors!  And for only $10, I figured if I didn't end up having tons of stuff to wear with them, it would still be okay.  I could at least think of five other items that would go with these flats, so I decided to buy them (1. yellow necklace 2. pink necklace 3. purple vest 4. polka dot camp shirt 5. purple button down).  They only came in full sizes, which meant I had to get a 7 instead of 6 ½, but I figured that left room to fit my insoles, since these are really thin shoes.  The only problem is I really don't know what color to call them!  Dark mint?  Aquamarine?  Malachite?  Any help naming this shade is greatly appreciated!  For now I'm going with aquamarine.  In real life, it looks most like Turquoise Blue in these swatches.

Vanity Fair, $10
Then I wandered over to the handbags and found a great tan purse!  I liked that it was a little smaller than my current bag.  I find that the bigger the bag, the more crap I stuff into it.  I was optimistic that this slightly smaller, more grown up looking bag would be perfect for me.  And for only $24.00, I felt good about the price too!  Until I got it home and loaded it up with my pared down, necessary purse items and found that it may be a little too small!  I can fit everything but it's all crammed in there and I think I might end up taking this one back.
And of course, I can't resist a good buy online either!  I've really been in need of a new "grown-up wallet" (Brian's exact words), as I've had the same one since I was about 16 years old and in high school.  It came free with a purse I bought back then and did the trick for years, since for all of high school and college, I never had any money or anything to put in it besides my debit card and driver's license.  But nowadays my needs are a little different and I wanted something to keep my insurance cards, store loyalty cards and other stuff organized so I ordered this beautiful pink and yellow one for $12.99.
[photo source]
And because I love to read and look at style books, I decided to order the book Nothing to Wear?: A 5 Step Cure for the Common Closet by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo.  The reviews seemed pretty good for this book.  It seemed like exactly the book I needed back in January when I decided I hated all of my clothes and wanted to start over.  Since then, I've had lots of discussions with friends and coworkers about how they want to do the same but don't know where to start.  This book seems like a step by step guide on how to do just that.  I'm not sure how much help it will be but I figured the book was the right price to try.  I paid $1.32 for my used paperback copy and with $3.99 shipping, the total price was still only $5.31.
[photo source]
I am almost completely out of my holy grail eyeliner trio so I stopped at CVS to restock.  I'm talking about the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio in Nude Eyes.  Three perfect shades that never run in heat or humidity!  I grabbed the pack and checked out, only to find that it rang up as $5.99, rather than the usual price of $11.99!  So I took the opportunity to also grab the trio in Warm Nudes, which I've been wanting to try for awhile now.  This set contains a black, bronze, and copper.

Nude Eyes Trio
Warm Nude Eyes Trio
[photo source]
Last, it was time to do the grocery shopping.  As I mentioned, I am all out of lots of stuff right now and needed to restock on lots of basics like moisturizer, Daily Facials, makeup remover wipes, and my face primer.  Another holy grail item, I picked up a tube of my beloved Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer for $8.00.

[photo source]
As I mentioned above, I was searching for a larger medium brown handbag at Walmart.  I tend to get bored with purses easily and I switch back and forth often among the bags I have so I don't mind using a cheap one.  I was hoping for something a little larger than the one above in a neutral tone but the Walmart I went to today seemed to gravitate more towards bright, fun springy colors.  I couldn't resist this bold pink one for only $16!

George Pebble Shopper Handbag in Pink
[photo source]
So that's it!  I think I need to go on a shopping hiatus now and enjoy the things I have!  It's back to window shopping online for this girl... vicious cycle.  :D

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