Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Sunny & Warm

My outfit, just like our weather today, was sunny and warm.  After having said that, I think it's about time for me to put the opaque tights away for the season and bring out the sheer nylons and bare legs.  Florida apparently skipped spring and went straight from the sixties to the eighties.  Boo!  It was something like eighty degrees today and eighty-five percent humidity and I was pretty warm in these tights.

The Pieces:
1. petite plaid button down in porcelain rose from Kohl's
2. cognac cinch stretch belt from Amazon.com
3. orange pencil skirt from Target
4. opaque tights in nude from Amazon.com
5. honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I love the way this skirt brings out the orange in the plaid shirt.  They look great together and I think this outfit is 100 times better than the last time I wore this skirt.
2. Both the shirt and skirt fit well and are flattering.
3. I love that the neutral accessories tone down a pretty loud outfit.
4. I also love the bright colors in the shirt and skirt!  There's just something about happy, bright colors that really put me in a good mood.

1. As I mentioned, the tights are getting to be a little too warm for Florida right now.
2. You can't tell in the pictures, but I was having some issues with tucking.  The belt was just a little tight for where I was wearing it so it kept sliding up over the top of the skirt in the back and that was then causing the shirt to keep coming untucked.  Nothing I couldn't deal with but next time I would probably wear a different belt with this outfit.

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