Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Polka Dot Pencil

My weekend started this evening and I'm so happy for it!  My district has off tomorrow for the local county fair and I am so looking forward to sleeping in!  Brian and I are planning to do a bit of shopping Friday and eat some more Tijuana Flats burritos!  Brian had a second gift card to Stein Mart that he accidentally lost left at work over Spring Break.  Also, we have a $10 coupon from when we went last week, so it is definitely worth it to drive back, especially since we both found some great work clothes at fair prices last week.  On the way, we're going to swing by Tijuana Flats and Kohl's so I can check out the shirts I mentioned here.  So basically, I'm totally looking forward to this weekend!

The Pieces:
1. Petite orange button down from Banana Republic Outlet
2. Faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
3. Navy blue and white polka dot pencil skirt from Target
4. Matte opaque nude tights from
5. Brown wide belt from Charlotte Russe, several years ago
6. Brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

1. I love this combination of orange and blue! The orange leans just slightly towards a coral tone so no one here in Northeast Florida was asking if I like the Gators with this outfit.
2. This polka dot pencil skirt is super cute and quite versatile. I think this outfit looks great for work but you could pair it with a white tee and flip flops for a summer day out too.

3. This shirt fits so well and is therefore very flattering and comfortable.  It's amazing to me how much more comfortable clothes are when they fit properly!  This is a rather professional and put together outfit but it really was comfy!
4. Which leads me to opaque tights.  In February I had written about how uncomfortable I found nylons to be and asked for any tips on finding ones less irritating.  Reader and blogger Natasha suggesting trying a different denier than the cheapo sheer nylons I was buying.  After doing a little research and shopping, I have found that she was totally right!  I find the waistband on thicker, more opaque nylons to be far more comfortable!  I almost don't want to wear skirts without tights any more.  We'll see how I feel when it's up into the 90s here in Florida and 90% humidity but for now, I'm in skirt comfort heaven.

1. Not really a dislike, but more of something to think on.  I wasn't really sure if I wanted to wear a belt with this outfit or not.  I took a picture of the outfit both ways, just to see it from a different view and I ended up liking it both ways.  I like wearing belts with pencil skirts for a reason.  The area where the belt sits is a little poochy on me.  (Anyone else have this problem?)  The higher rise and flat front of these skirts seems to accentuate the pooch a bit and makes me feel a little insecure.  The belt covers that area and problem solved!  Which way do you like the outfit better, belt or no belt?

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