Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Long Day

Yesterday was a long day.  I left my house at 6:30 AM for work and got home after 7:30PM and every moment that I was gone was filled with work.  After I finally got home, I took a shower, grabbed a snack, and pretty much went straight to bed.  Our family night was a huge success but I'm so happy that today is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow and spend some time with my hubby and kitties.  And maybe time to squeeze in a little shoe shopping on Saturday...

The Pieces:
1. petite eggplant button down from Ann Taylor
2. teal and earth tones necklace (don't remember where it's from)
3. brown triple loop belt from Walmart
4. moss pencil skirt from Kohl's
5. nude opaque tights
6. taupe wedge heels from Payless

1. I love the combination of this eggplant blouse and moss skirt.  It's fun and a little unexpected but still professional.
2. Other than the shoes (which I changed partway through the day), this outfit was comfortable enough to wear for fourteen hours.  Opaque tights, with their higher denier, are quite comfortable.  I just can't get over how much more comfortable clothes that fit correctly are.  Who knew?
3. I think the colors in this necklace really pull the outfit together.  It has beads that are almost the exact same color as the skirt and it seems like this necklace was just meant to go with this shirt and skirt.
4. I think this outfit is sexy without being revealing.  It creates an hourglass shape and a feminine feel without being scandalous.

1. As I mentioned, these shoes became pretty uncomfortable after awhile.  However, in their defense, I don't think there are many pairs of shoes that are comfortable after being on your feet for as many hours as I was yesterday.  However, I do own a few pairs of shoes that are comfortable for that many hours, all of which either came with built in insoles or space in the shoe to add my own insoles.  I should have probably worn one of those pairs instead.  Today my feet, legs, and back are paying for that mistake but it's nothing a good long sleep tonight won't cure.

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