Monday, April 8, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Grumpy

Ninety percent of the time, I love my job.  This morning (and probably all this week), I am very grumpy about work.  As much as I love my job, I also love relaxing at my house and doing whatever hobbies make me happy at the moment.  So here's why I'm grumpy.  Our standardized state test is next week.  Very stressful for a public school teacher.  Because of the state test, every day last week and every day this week I have to stay after to coach the math team, which I sponsor (for free).  By the time all of my students get picked up, that means I have to work an extra hour and a half every day.  But I also get to work an hour early every day (for free).  So that is making every day about 10 hours long for me.  In addition, our family night is this Thursday, which will make that day about 14 hours long (again, for free).  By the time I get home and take care of all the non-work aspects of my life, I end up with about one hour a night of relaxing time, except for Thursday, which I will have zero free time.  Makes for a long and grumpy week when you have to work overtime with no overtime pay.  At least I have pretty clothes to wear and my boss let our grade level wear jeans today which seriously improved my mood this morning.
The Pieces:
1. Petite polka dot button down from Loft Outlet
2. Purple utility vest from Papaya
3. Petite curvy medium wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
4. Silver multi-strap watch from Rue21
5. Aqua flats from Vanity Fair Outlet (One of my students today told me they were pistachio colored!)

1. I love this vest!  I know I was a little on the fence about it before but I think I am totally head over heels for it!  I pinned a million and one different ways that I could wear this, both to work and for weekends, and I'm excited to try them all!  All those pockets are useful, today holding my phone, lipgloss, classroom keys, and a pen at different points throughout the day.  It adds a layer of fun without adding a ton of bulk.  I love this one in my favorite color but I think I would love a neutral toned one too.
2. Happy feet!  The color of these shoes is so fun and with my added 16 hour insoles, these cheapie shoes were still super comfortable for twelve hours on my feet today.  I'm now dreaming of all the cheap, pretty colored flats that I could buy and add my insoles to and still have support and foot comfort.  (The insoles are removable and can be transferred to any pair of shoes, as long as there is enough room in the shoes for your foot and the added insole.)  I'm thinking hot pink, bright yellow, and maybe teal.
3. Polka dots make me happy.  They are cute and feminine while still being mature enough for adults and kids alike.  I've been missing out on this print ever since I was a kid and now I need to make up for lost time!
4. I know skinny jeans are "on trend" right now and really popular but I just love a good bootcut!  I recently tried on a pair of skinny jeans, just to see if I thought I could pull them off and to be honest, I never even got to zippering them because I just felt so uncomfortable with pants that were so tight around my ankles and calves.  To each her own, but I think bootcut will always be my favorite.  I find them comfortable and they are pretty much universally flattering.

1. Seeing the pictures, I guess this isn't the most flattering outfit as far as adding shape.  I wasn't really going for sexy or anything, but you could always add a belt or tie the waist belt if you wanted to make a bit more of an hourglass shape.