Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Super Cute Story About Clothes

Today was field trip day for my class, so my outfit isn't really very fun, unless you count my bright pink field trip backpack.  Our field trip was basically at a nature camp, hiking and exploring the local ecosystems all day.  It was super fun!  I just wore my school polo shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.  This is what most people at my work wear on casual Friday, but I prefer something a little more fancy these days.

I also have a super cute story from work to share with you.  (I've changed the names to protect the identity of my sweet students, but everything else is completely true and adorable.)

Two of my very bright and observant students, Sarah and Mary, told me that over Spring Break, they went shopping together at the local mall.  Sarah said, "Mrs. S, you have to go to J.C. Penney's!  When Mary and I went shopping, we saw this bright colored pencil skirt that we think you would love!"

Sarah went on to grab a piece of paper and pencil and roughly sketch out something that looked like this:

And she then explained to me that it was a geometric design, alternating with bright colors of orange, pink, and the rest she couldn't remember.  Mary said that after she and Sarah discussed it, they were sure I would love it because they noticed I've been wearing pencil skirts a lot lately, and that since it was bright colors and I wear bright colors a lot, it was a certain win.

Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I find this to be the cutest thing ever.  My female students are spending their days off picking out cute clothes for me at the mall.  I love my job!

So of course, I had to go to J.C. Penney's website and see if I could figure out which skirt they were talking about.  Their description and picture was right on the money, as I was easily able to find what skirt they were talking about.

Now I wouldn't actually buy this for myself.  First of all, it doesn't have pockets.  Secondly, when I showed my husband and told him the story, he said it looks like a Tetris piece is pointing at your lady parts in this skirt.  LOL!  Not quite the look I'm going for.  But I do think it's precious that my girls are picking out cute clothes for me and that they do notice how their teachers dress.


  1. Cute story. =) I think it just shows what a great teacher you are. Students only think (positively) about the teachers they actually like.

    1. Thanks! I really love my job because of the kids and I think they know that from how happy I am when I am with them.