Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Work and Chores

Today was a little better than yesterday.  I went to bed early last night and felt a lot less tired today but I'm definitely planning on doing the same tonight.  Life and age are catching up with me these days.  I'm pretty sure the only things I do anymore are work and take care of household chores like laundry, cleaning, ironing and making breakfasts and lunches.  Even weekends are only slightly less busy and I am totally ready for a break from it all.

The Pieces:
1. petite maroon chiffon henley from Kohl's
2. khaki pencil skirt from Target
3. black square bow belt from Amazon.com
4. leopard print flats from Target
5. sheer nylons

1. This same combination worked so well last week that I thought I would give the formula another try with similar but different colored pieces.  I liked last week's better, but the flattering fit of this outfit is the same.
2. Somehow the shoes really became the center of attention in this outfit.  I've worn these shoes to work plenty of times already but I got a ton of compliments on them today.  I think they just really worked well in this outfit.
3. I think this belt is so cute!  I don't know why, but I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it and now I never want to take it off!

While I didn't dislike this outfit or anything in particular about it, I still liked the version I wore last week more.  Maybe because the floral was more spring-like than maroon?  Maybe I'd like this outfit more in the fall.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fashion Adventure: I Hate Mondays

I hate Mondays.  Sooooo much.  I went to bed early last night with a headache, slept like a rock and was still exhausted this morning.  I'm ready for summer.

The Pieces:
1. petite white 3/4 dress shirt from Kohl's
2. petite black trousers from Bealls Outlet
3. yellow bubble necklace from Charlotte Russe
4. sky blue flats from Rue21

1. Everything fits and flatters!
2. Pops of color bring a little whimsy to this otherwise classic outfit.

1. After seeing the photos, I'm not sure I love the necklace and shoes.  In my mind they went together okay but I'm not so sure now.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fashion Adventure: A Little Late

I'm posting yesterday's outfit a little late but I still wanted to share it anyway.  This has been and will continue to be a busy weekend so I'm squeezing it in now while I have time.  Today's will be short and sweet.

The Pieces:
1. petite pink plaid camp shirt from Kohl's
2. purple utility vest from Papaya
3. skinny braided belt from Rue21
4. petite medium wash bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
5. brown knot flats from Rack Room Shoes

1. The belt really makes this casual outfit flattering by accentuating the waistline and creating an hourglass shape.
2. This outfit was comfortable, functional, and perfect for casual Friday.  It transitioned perfectly from work to the weekend without needing to change anything up!

1. I don't love the pink plaid shirt with the purple vest.  I don't think they clash or anything but I just don't love them together.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Love It or Hate It

When planning this outfit, I knew it was going to be one of those outfits where I either love it or hate it.  Luckily I ended up loving it!  I was a little nervous about wearing this chiffon shirt to work because chiffon is shear and the shirt has a slightly low V neck but paired with a higher tank top, it was cool enough for the heat here and still modest enough for my job as a teacher.

The Pieces:
1. petite chiffon splatter floral henley from Kohl's
2. black pencil skirt from Target
3. black and gold pleather elastic belt from Papaya
4. sheer nude nylons from Publix (grocery store)
5. black bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I feel like this outfit is flattering.  The slightly fuller top balances out the pencil skirt and the belt keeps my figure from getting lost in the fabric of this shirt.  The belt also helps keep the shirt tucked in.
2. It was around 85 degrees here in North Florida today so I was nice and cool in this chiffon shirt and a skirt.

1. This belt was a bad choice with this outfit.  It looks great, but the clasp is not the sturdiest and since I didn't wear it at the smallest part of me, it kept popping off.  I literally bent over to pick something up in my classroom and it popped off.  Awkward!  Next time I'll try wearing it at my waist but if it still pops off, I'll be giving it away.  I have other belts that don't threaten to jump off every time I move.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Three Insoles

If you remember last week when I wore these shoes, I had mentioned that they were quite a bit too big.  Well, three insoles later and they are fitting quite well now!  It's amazing how much insoles can help.  The insoles pictured above are actually not the ones I have in them currently.  Right now, they have a thick rubber heel liner in the back (similar), a narrow adhesive full insole in the bottom, and a removable full double air foam insole for even more added cushion (exact).  And they were are pretty comfortable now too!

The Pieces:
1. petite white 3/4 camp shirt from Kohl'ls
2. petite black trousers from Bealls Outlet
3. pink floral flats from Rue21
4. pink and gold pendant necklace from Rue21

1. I love that this is a simple but chic outfit with a bit of whimsy.  Those shoes are just so fun!
2. The pieces are comfortable, fit well, and are flattering.

Nada!  :)  I think I'm getting to really know my style and have learned a ton in the past four months about putting outfits together.  I'm really happy with my clothes these days and the way they make me feel!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Shifty Skirt

I started out wearing the outfit on the left today and quickly realized it was not going to work.  The last time I wore this denim pencil skirt was here, back in January.  Now I remember why I hadn't worn it since then.  It's probably about two sizes too big.  Even with the belt through the belt loops, the skirt was still shifting around all over the place.  This meant it kept riding up too high, making the skirt too short, as well as bunching up my tucked in shirt.  As I've said many times lately, clothes that fit are comfortable and this too big skirt was not exactly cozy.  I needed a wardrobe change but I don't deal well with last minute decisions.  Remember the last time I had to change my outfit at the last minute before work?  I didn't have time for that this morning but that's when I realized that it's easy to throw together an outfit when all of your clothes fit well!  All I did was change from the skirt to a pair of pants and I was on my way.  The shirt and necklace are the same in both pictures.  It was still too dark in my bedroom in the skirt photo so the colors are not accurate.

The Pieces:
1. petite 3/4 bracken fern button down from Banana Republic Outlet
2. beige faceted necklace from Body Central Outlet
3. petite brown textured trousers from Kohl's
4. honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. As I mentioned, the fit of the pants is flattering and comfortable.
2. The shirt fits very well too and is comfortable.
3. I like the colors together.  The shades of brown tones compliment each other well.

1. This outfit was fine but I didn't love it.  I think there's just something about the color of this shirt that doesn't really appeal to me or flatter my skin that well.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Lack of Sleep

Really tired today.  Brian wasn't feeling well last night and tossed and turned all night with an upset stomach so I didn't sleep at all either.  He ended up getting sick multiple times at work and had to come home early with a stomach bug.  So I was on my own for dinner and now I'm feeling the lack of sleep.  Definitely going to bed early.

The Pieces:
1. petite green tones plaid camp shirt from Kohl's
2. petite dark wash boot cut jeans from Loft Outlet
3. aquamarine flats

1. Fit.  Shirt and pants are comfortable and flattering.
2. Coordinating shoes make this really simple outfit feel put together.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Friday's Outfit

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  Work, then a stop over to Tijuana Flats and Kohl's, followed by grocery shopping.  By the time we got home and turned on the TV, we saw everything unfolding in Boston.  So I'm just now getting around to posting yesterday's outfit for work.  Just like the teal blazer I wore last week, this black one was originally a one button blazer.  I added a second buttonhole and button, as well as a snap at the top to raise the stance.  And again, I swear those little changes to make the blazer fit better make it look like I've instantly lost weight.  I'm going to keep the rest of this post short, because I have another busy day today, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Pieces:
1. petite white 3/4 sleeve T-shirt from Stein Mart
2. black cuff blazer from Papaya
3. red ball necklace from Bealls Outlet
4. petite boot cut jeans from Loft Outlet
5. red bow flats from Bass Outlet

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion Adventure: No Pockets

When I first bought this skirt, I loved it.  Then I wore it once and decided it wasn't so great because it had no pockets for me to hook my insulin pump on.  I decided I needed to either wear it or sell it but then when I put it on this morning, I realized I could just hook my insulin pump on the waistband!  Duh!  So I will be keeping this skirt, which I'm pretty thrilled about because it is such a cute and flattering shape! 

The Pieces:
1. petite white 3/4 length dress shirt from Kohl's
2. black beaded necklace from Walmart
3. petite pleated polka dot A-line skirt from Loft Outlet
4. Leggs Silken Mist Silky Sheer Leg Control Top Nylons
5. Black bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. Skirt: cute, flattering, comfortable.  Need I say more?
2. Shirt: flattering shape and actually stayed tucked into the skirt all day!
3. Nylons: even though these were cheap, they are actually really comfortable!  I usually hate wearing sheer tights because the waistband is always too tight and they snag and get ruined so fast but these are a step up.  We'll see how I feel after a few more wears.

1. The buttons at the bottom of this shirt's sleeves just felt too tight to me so I left it unbuttoned.  I didn't realize until seeing the pictures that it looks a little off like that.
2. I still would rather have a skirt with pockets.  I felt a little naked with no pockets today.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fashion Adventure: I Swear

I swear that this shirt is gray and not blue.  I don't know why it looks so blue in the photos but in real life, trust me that it's gray.  Maybe the shoes are making it look more blue?  Anyway, I think next time I wear this outfit, I'll pair it with my floral flats instead.

The Pieces:
1. petite gray button down shirt from Ann Taylor Outlet
2. faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
3. petite black trousers from Bealls Outlet
4. sky blue flats from Rue21 (on clearance for $6!)

1. The shirt fits very well.  It's a good length too and is therefore flattering.
2. The pants fit well = flattering.
3. These shoes are a fun color and with added insoles, they are quite comfortable and didn't rub my feet in any way like some flats can.

1. As I mentioned above, maybe these shoes weren't the best pick with this shirt but live and learn!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Sunny & Warm

My outfit, just like our weather today, was sunny and warm.  After having said that, I think it's about time for me to put the opaque tights away for the season and bring out the sheer nylons and bare legs.  Florida apparently skipped spring and went straight from the sixties to the eighties.  Boo!  It was something like eighty degrees today and eighty-five percent humidity and I was pretty warm in these tights.

The Pieces:
1. petite plaid button down in porcelain rose from Kohl's
2. cognac cinch stretch belt from Amazon.com
3. orange pencil skirt from Target
4. opaque tights in nude from Amazon.com
5. honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I love the way this skirt brings out the orange in the plaid shirt.  They look great together and I think this outfit is 100 times better than the last time I wore this skirt.
2. Both the shirt and skirt fit well and are flattering.
3. I love that the neutral accessories tone down a pretty loud outfit.
4. I also love the bright colors in the shirt and skirt!  There's just something about happy, bright colors that really put me in a good mood.

1. As I mentioned, the tights are getting to be a little too warm for Florida right now.
2. You can't tell in the pictures, but I was having some issues with tucking.  The belt was just a little tight for where I was wearing it so it kept sliding up over the top of the skirt in the back and that was then causing the shirt to keep coming untucked.  Nothing I couldn't deal with but next time I would probably wear a different belt with this outfit.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Shopping My Stash

Shopping my makeup stash last week really helped me to not only get out of my makeup rut, but also to get ready faster in the morning since I already had products picked out to use.  Therefore, I decided to shop my stash again this week.


(listed left to right)
1. wet n wild coloricon trio in walking on eggshells
2. e.l.f brightening eye color in day 2 night
3. l'oreal infallible eyeshadow in iced latte

(listed from bottom to top)
1. revlon colorburst lipgloss in sunset peach
2. revlon superlustrous lipgloss in foiled
3. rimmel lasting finish lipstick in airy fairy
4. too faced lipstick in free love
5. palladio herbal tinted lip balm in champagne

Face: Z Palette blushes

* I plan on using the Ulta & Mary Kay blushes from the palette and maybe some of the neutral or warm toned eye colors.
1. Z Palette blushes - If you're interested in the names of each item in the Z Palette, check out this post.  The only difference is that I finished the Physician's Formula powder and added in the small, round blue eyeshadow.  It's a no name shimmery color that fell out of one of my large Coastal Scents palettes.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Long Day

Yesterday was a long day.  I left my house at 6:30 AM for work and got home after 7:30PM and every moment that I was gone was filled with work.  After I finally got home, I took a shower, grabbed a snack, and pretty much went straight to bed.  Our family night was a huge success but I'm so happy that today is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow and spend some time with my hubby and kitties.  And maybe time to squeeze in a little shoe shopping on Saturday...

The Pieces:
1. petite eggplant button down from Ann Taylor
2. teal and earth tones necklace (don't remember where it's from)
3. brown triple loop belt from Walmart
4. moss pencil skirt from Kohl's
5. nude opaque tights
6. taupe wedge heels from Payless

1. I love the combination of this eggplant blouse and moss skirt.  It's fun and a little unexpected but still professional.
2. Other than the shoes (which I changed partway through the day), this outfit was comfortable enough to wear for fourteen hours.  Opaque tights, with their higher denier, are quite comfortable.  I just can't get over how much more comfortable clothes that fit correctly are.  Who knew?
3. I think the colors in this necklace really pull the outfit together.  It has beads that are almost the exact same color as the skirt and it seems like this necklace was just meant to go with this shirt and skirt.
4. I think this outfit is sexy without being revealing.  It creates an hourglass shape and a feminine feel without being scandalous.

1. As I mentioned, these shoes became pretty uncomfortable after awhile.  However, in their defense, I don't think there are many pairs of shoes that are comfortable after being on your feet for as many hours as I was yesterday.  However, I do own a few pairs of shoes that are comfortable for that many hours, all of which either came with built in insoles or space in the shoe to add my own insoles.  I should have probably worn one of those pairs instead.  Today my feet, legs, and back are paying for that mistake but it's nothing a good long sleep tonight won't cure.