Saturday, March 30, 2013

Window Shopping: Closet Holes & Wish List

Today has been one of those great lazy days for me... hanging around the house in my pajamas, painting my toenails, watching The Big Bang Theory on DVD.  Nothing on the agenda, no where to go, and lots of time to recharge and just do whatever I want.  In addition to adding a lovely shade of bright orange to my previously sad, naked winter toes (via Essie's Braziliant), I've spent the day window shopping for some wardrobe pieces that I consider to be holes in my closet.  Since I'm too lazy to actually go out shopping (and probably don't need to spend any more money until my tax refund comes back), I thought I would just share the holes in my closet that I need to fill and some of the items I'm drooling over online.

Closet Holes:
This is kind of a new term for me, so if you haven't already heard it, it refers to basic pieces that are missing from your wardrobe.  It's those pieces that make you think, "I could make so many more outfits if I only had a ____________."

1. 3/4 length or longsleeve white button down
While I do have a short sleeve white button down, 3/4 length is versatile for me year round.  I wear button downs to work and play and white would go with pretty much everything else in my wardrobe.

Option 1: Kohl's, on sale $21.60

Option 2: Kohl's, on sale $17.99
Option 3: Kohls, on sale $21.60

Option 1 is my favorite, mostly because the buttons and eyelet fabric add a little interest to what might otherwise be a very boring piece.  I'll probably swing by Kohl's next week and check it out, since I'm off on Friday but it will probably come down to what they have in stock and what fits the best.  I think options 1 and 2 would be the best for wearing on the weekends, since they have a more casual vibe with the tab sleeves and front pockets.

2. knee length shorts
I don't know how this happened, but I currently only have two pairs of shorts that fit me.  One is a pair of gray cargo shorts I bought last year and the other is the black Bermuda shorts I just wrote about here.  With summer temperatures not long from arriving here in Florida, I could really use one more pair of shorts.  I can't wear them to work but I will spend a lot of time in shorts this summer.  One pair of khaki or navy would be great.  I don't know why, but I've never been a fan of denim shorts.  They just seem hotter and stickier to me in the Florida summer heat and humidity.  (On me, even petite shorts are usually knee length so I usually can ignore the length shown in fit model pictures unless they are super short.)

Option 1: Old Navy, $26.94 (comes in navy or khaki)
Option 2: JCP, $20 (comes in khaki or navy)

I probably won't be buying any more shorts at least for a few more weeks.  I just don't need them right now, but I know I will soon!

3. colored or patterned button downs
As much as I wear button downs, I could really use a few more in some different patterns or colors than what I have.  Something in red or navy would be fun as well as some neutral toned patterns.

Colored Option 1: Kohl's, on sale $21.60
Colored Option 2: Old Navy, $24.94

Colored Option 3: Gap, $49.95

Patterned Option 1: JCP, $28

Patterned Option 2: (Cat Print!) Gap, sale $46.99
I'm not all that crazy about any of these, except the top one from Kohl's.  I'll probably check out a few stores that carry petite sizes at the outlet mall and see if they have anything.  Usually the prices at the outlet are much less than the regular stores.  They also have great sales and clearance and carry items other than what you see online.

And on to the more fun stuff!!
Wish List:
1. Leopard print pumps
I really have no use for these, as I rarely ever wear heels but I just love my leopard flats so much that I think a pair of pumps would be fun too.

Option 1: Target, $29.99
Option 2: DSW, $24.94

2. cognac handbag
I already have one cognac colored handbag and it's probably the one I use the most.  I love it and still use it but I would love to have another one that's maybe a little more of a grown up shape than my current one.

Option 1: Target, $32.99

I saw this at my local Target stores several weeks ago and drooled over how perfect it is for what I want.  However, I don't actually need a new bag, since I have tons already.  I haven't been able to get it out of my mind ever since so if I find it, I might just have to snatch it up anyway.  I'm going to justify it by saying that it's more professional than pretty much all of the bags that I have now. 

Option 2: Target, $49.99

3. utility vest
I love all the looks that Audrey comes up with using her utility vest.  I would love to own one too but I'm just afraid that it's a bit of a style risk for me.  I could either end up loving it or I could end up not feeling comfortable in it and never wearing it.  I've found some fairly inexpensive ones but I'm just still not sure if I'm willing to spend money on something I'm not sure that I will love.

Option 1: Papaya, $18.99

I love the shape, length, and color of this one.  I think it's my favorite, although the other colors are probably more versatile.  This would again come down to fit in real life.

Option 2: Papaya, $18.99

I kind of like that this one is almost like a sleeveless blazer lapel but more casual.  However I don't like the studs on this one and the one at the bottom.  Studs on a vest come off a little too teeny bopper for me.

Option 3: Forever 21, $27.80

Option 4: Papaya, $25.99

So that's pretty much what I did today!  I didn't spend a penny but I had fun dreaming of all the pretty things that could be mine.  Am I the only one that enjoys online window shopping?  I could surf virtual stores all day long!


  1. The shoes are CUTE! I was looking at some Nine West leopard wedges that I may pick up. I too have been thinking about the "holes" in my wardrobe.

    1. I might have to check out Nine West then! Wedges are way more comfortable and practical for me!