Wednesday, March 27, 2013


For quite some time now, I've been pretty tired of my long hair.  I have fine, straight hair but I have a lot of it and it takes forever to dry, whether air drying or blow drying.  Also, my hair was so long that it seemed like I spent more time pushing my hair behind me and trying to get it out of the way than enjoying it.  So I was ready for a change!  I kind of just wanted the same haircut (layered all over and face framing layers) but a lot shorter so I searched the Internet and found this photo that I really liked.

I took the photo to my stylist and was on my way to a new look!  Below are some photos that I took just yesterday of my hair before getting it cut.  Looooong!

And then we have the photos from today, after getting my hair cut.  I absolutely love it!  I think it's a little shorter than my inspiration photo but my hair grows so fast that before you know it, it will be that length anyway.  What do you think?