Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashion Adventure: A Win

I really can't take credit for this outfit because I pretty much just copied exactly off of an inspiration photo I found on Go Chic Or Go Home. (See my inspiration: Susan's original blog post, with photos, here.)  The section called "Explore" is kind of like Pinterest, with boards and pinning but it's all outfits. I used pieces I already had to recreate a similar look that I liked and that's a win in my book!  I think that on this section of GCOGH, I find a lot of outfits that I really like and want to recreate.  It has been more useful to me than Pinterest because they are real outfits that people are actually wearing.

The Pieces:
1. Black mock turtleneck from Walmart
2. Blue crew neck cardigan from Target
3. Faux pearl necklace from Body Central Outlet
4. Petite curvy gray trousers from Kohl's
5. Black bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. I felt very sophisticated and chic in this outfit. Yet I didn't feel like I was dressed up as someone else. The outfit still felt very "me".
2. I love the hourglass shape going on here. Yea for belts!
3. I was nice and warm in this outfit. It was only 60 degrees here and very windy but two long sleeve shirts kept me warm.

1. This cardigan is a little bit too big for me. If you look at the seam of the shoulders, you can see that it extends out past my natural shoulder. Also, it's a little baggy so with the belt over top, it adds a bit of volume to my top half.  Nothing I can't deal with, but in the future, I will definitely take more notice of how things fit me when I buy them.

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