Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Adventure: TGIF

Thank goodness it's Friday! It's so funny but everyone I talked to at work today agreed that this has been the longest week ever! And I'm starting to feel really stuffy and I had a killer sinus headache all day so I am totally looking forward to going to bed early tonight and sleeping in tomorrow.

The Pieces:
1. Petite pink plaid button down from Kohl's
2. Petite light brown blazer from Ann Taylor Factory
3. Beige faceted necklace from Body Central Outlet
4. Petite flare jeans from Walmart
5. Honey bow flats from Bass Outlet

1. It was a chilly 60 degree day here in Northeast Florida and this lined blazer was nice and warm!
2. The blazer and shirt both fit me pretty well and I felt like they were flattering yet still comfortable. If you look closely at the blazer, the shoulders are a bit too wide for me but it's nothing I can't live with.  (You can tell in the photo where my hands are on my hips.  See how it makes the blazer go all wonky?)
3. Even in jeans, I felt professional and put together in this outfit.
4. The necklace made the casual plaid shirt feel a little more dressy while still going with the overall feel of the outfit.

1. The plaid shirt looks a little strange tucked into these jeans.  (See top photo.)  I wore the blazer buttoned all day but if I wanted to wear it unbuttoned (so you could see more of the pretty plaid underneath), I would have to untuck the plaid top and then it is longer than the blazer in the front and back.  But it worked out with tucking it in and wearing the blazer closed.

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