Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Little Did I Know

My husband is the master of ceremony for a scholarship pageant held tonight at the high school where he teaches. The theme is military so I thought it would be the perfect time to debut the new army green blazer I bought for $6 at Goodwill this week. I fit the theme without feeling like I'm wearing a costume. Little did I know that there was a stain on the front.  I swear I inspected this garment with a fine tooth comb, as I always do when buying thrifted items. I didn't see any stain then and in real life, it's very difficult to detect but I guess something about flash photography makes it more noticeable. (The same way a black shirt is fine in real life but see through when flash photographed.) I'll have to see if I can use the hydrogen peroxide trick to get it out.  But I love the fit of this blazer too much and even if the stain doesn't come out, this baby is staying!  I swear in real life it's not noticeable.

The Pieces:
1. Petite army green blazer from Goodwill (Talbot's label)
2. White camp shirt from Walmart
3. Earth tones necklace
4. Petite curvy bootcut jeans from Loft Outlet
5. Snakeskin pumps from Target

1. Fit!  The blazer fits me like a glove!  When I put my hands on my hips, it doesn't do the weird ride up thing like the blazer I wore yesterday.  The jeans are probably the best fitting jeans I've owned in years and they are the perfect length with these heels.
2. The outfit is put together and still fun.  The snakeskin heels add a fun flair to it.
3. The army green really brings out the green in my eyes.  Although I ended up feeling so tired and stuffy by the time we left for the pageant that I took out my contacts and wore my glasses.  But my glasses are the same shade of green so then I coordinated fabulously!

1. Obviously, the secret stain on the blazer.  Grrr.
2. I am terrible at walking in high heels!  I felt like such a geek clomping around in these!  I swear I was able to walk in them at the store but once I had to walk more than five feet, I felt so awkward.  Picture Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory when she wore those bright yellow high heels.  (Anyone else know what scene I'm talking about?)  And with my glasses on, I kind of look like her too!  I guess it's okay though because I really am a dork and she reminds me so much of myself!  This is part of the reason that I wear flats so often.

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