Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Adventure: Just One More Day

Just one more day of work until I start Spring Break! And it's a good thing too because the kids are so wound up right now! And as most people can probably relate to, I am so looking forward to having a week off to relax, sleep in, and do the things that make me happy. Along with getting caught up on all the things that adults have to do, like haircuts, changing the oil in the car, talking to the bank about refinancing our house...  Wow, being an adult is so lame! Maybe I'll squeeze in a trip to the beach while I'm at it. One of the benefits of living in Florida!

The Pieces:
1. Petite curvy bootcut dark wash jeans from Loft Outlet
2. Fuchsia button down chiffon blouse from Banana Republic, thrifted
3. Black longsleeve cardigan from Target
4. Turquoise belt from Body Central
5. Pewter flats from Bass Outlet

1.This is the first time I've worn these jeans and they fit really well!  And I like that they don't have a ton of stretch so after a day of wear, they still fit the same as when I put them on this morning.  Also, I was a little worried that they might transfer to my tops, since they are such a dark wash.  But it didn't seem like any of my clothes had blue dye on them!  That's why I didn't wear a white cardigan with this outfit.

2. I love the bright colors of the blouse and belt.  Even though they don't match (as a student observantly pointed out to me), they still work together in my opinion.  They are both vibrant colors and since the rest of the outfit is so neutral, I think they still work without looking too crazy.
3. I adore this belt!  I got a ton of compliments from students and teachers today on this belt.  I got it on clearance at Body Central for $3.99!  I think it would look really cute with cowboy boots too!  That's not my type of style but someone else would look adorable wearing light brown cowgirl boots, dark jeans, a white button down and this belt!

1. I would have liked this outfit better with a white cardigan instead, but as I mentioned, I was a little worried about dye transfer.

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